PES 2013 Slovakia 2016 GDB by Vulcanzero


PES 2013 Slovakia NT 2016 GDB Kits by Vulcanzero

Download PES2013 Slovakia 2016 Kits In GDB by Vulcanzero

PES 2017 PS4 OF Updates by valencia5


UCL, Libertadores, Asia, Brazil – MAX Compatability (DFL / MLS), No Duplicates / Created / Updated 15.10 ’16

I built these to be completely compatible with Cristiano92’s DFL and R8cha’s MLS.

Download PES2017 PS4 Valencia5 OF

This was an absolute bitch because of all the different sources, base teams. I suck at creating and wanted to contribute, but I’m great at organizing, so I figured this had to be done. Even when editors put together packages and reorganized things, they sometimes import to a different base team than it was created on, exports may or may not have a different base group of players used at the time of creation, which is the most important. And why I am seeing so many people having issues. I wanted to eliminate these issues, with the most popular OF’s.


EGY Super Patch 2017 v2.0 By MODY 99


EGY Super Patch 2017 v2.0 By MODY 99 Released 15.10. ’16

Download PES 2017 EGY Super Patch 2017 Update 2.0


– Added Complete Bundesliga with correct kits, logos, squads, stats, players 2016/2017.
– Added 7 New clubs for Other Team Europe (Shakhtar Donieck, Fenerbahce SK, Anderlecht RSC
Olympiakos FC, Panathinaikos, Zenit St.Petersburg & Celtic FC).
– Added 2 New African Top Clubs (AL Ahly – Zamalek).
– Added Kits for all the unlicensed National Teams 2017.
– Replaced Many duplicated players in the game.
– Updated and Enhanced Whole Game Atmosphere.
– Real name for all the classic players and fake national teams players.
– Updates all new transfers and formations for all Clubs and Nationals Teams.
– Complete Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Liga NOS, added with correct kits, logos.
– Complete SkyBet Championship, Serie B, La Liga 123, added with correct kits, logos.
– Added and updated some new faces.
– Added More Than 40 new Faces For classic players.

PES 2017 Overall Ratings For PES16 Unofficial For Smoke Patch 8.5.2 Part 2


PES 2017 Overall Ratings For PES 2016 Unofficial For Smoke Patch 8.5.2 Part 2

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What is Edited:

Full Premier League
Bayern, Borussia D.
Barcelona, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid
Porto, Benefica, Sporting CP
Juventus, Lazio, Fiorentina, Milan, Napoli, Inter, Roma
MLS – some of the best players (Kaka, Lampard and a lot more)
and the best players from Cheenese league (J. Martinez,Hulk and more) – but in PES most of them are free agents, and also many free agents edited
(I created Ramires, Demba Ba, Berbatov – not real faces) and more Young players from all over the world.

I have updated many ratings from PES 2017 to PES 2016 but I’ve changed some players
by my own judgment but they are not so many, also some players have the same STATS but different Overall Rating, but only with one rating.

PES 2017 Facepack vol. 2 by Sameh Momen


PES 2017 Face Pack vol. 2 by Sameh Momen

Download PES2017 Facespack 2 by Sameh Momen

PES 2017 Hörður Magnússon Face by Bono Facemaker


PES 2017 Hörður Magnússon (Bristol City) Face by Bono FM

Download PES2017 H. Magnusson Face by Bono Facemaker

PES 2013 GDB U.S. Città di Palermo 2016-17 by dodyferro & auvergne81


PES 2013 GDB Kits U.S. Città di Palermo Season 2016-2017 by dodyferro and auvergne81

Download PES2013 GDB US Palermo 2016-17 by dodyferro collab auvergne81

PES 2013 Facepack Sul-Americano v1.0 By Danilo Silva Facemaker


PES 2013 Face Pack Sul-Americano V 1.0 By Danilo Silva FM

Download PES2013 Facespack Sul Americano By Danilo Silva

PES 2013 Serie A Kitpack 2016-17 Update 15 October 2016


PES 2013 Serie A Kit Pack 2016-17 Update (Complete) by Boris

Download PES2013 Serie A Kitspack 16-17 Update by Boris

PES 2016 Mini Facepack by Boulbaba Facemaker


PES 2016 Mini Face Pack by Boulbaba Facemaker

Download PES2016 Mini Facespack by Boulbaba Facemaker