Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 Apocaze Patch v.1.1


Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 Apocaze Patch 1.1 Update 28.09 ’16

Still Using Database Apocazepatch v.2.0.0 – Update For Apocaze Patch v.0.1 (BETA)

Download PES 2017 Apocaze Patch v.1.1

– Ready For 2017 Season !!!
– Correct Leagues Kit Premier League, Championships, Ligue1, Ligue2 , Serie A, Serie B, Liga1, Liga2, Liga NOS ,1.Bundesliga
– Correct Licensed Leagues Emblems & Logos & Badges Season 2016/2017
– Correct All Leagues National Uniform (Europe, Africa, North America, South America, Asia)

– UltraHD Turfs & Green Grass
– Fix Stadium Line
– Remake Audiance Staff & Better atmosphere
– Add New Adboard
– Add Licensed And Official Ball For New Season 2016/2017
– Fix Online Issuse
– Still no Faces Updated , cause Konami works great for Face Animation

PES 2017 Pitch + Graphics HD By Estarlen Silva


PES 2017 Pitch and Graphics HD By Estarlen Silva

COMPATIBLE with both “Online” and “Offline” modes.

Preview PES2017 Graphics HD By Estarlen Silva Preview PES2017 Pitch HD By Estarlen Silva

* New Pitch HD – Next Gen models
* New Version of Camp Nou
* New Mosaic FC Barcelona
* Skys HD
* Pitch Line Real HD
* Graphic HD
* New Crowds ambient
* New Ambient in game
* New movements of crowd
* Lag reduced

PES 2017 MJPES Patch v2.00 (Bundesliga 100% Licensed)


PES 2017 MJPES Patch 2.00 – Bundesliga – Released 27.09.16

Download PES2017 PC MJPES Patch 2.0

– 51 New Balls.
– Bundesliga 100% Licensed [Kits, Logos, Names].
– Premier League and Sky Bet ChampionShip 100% Licensed [Kits,Logos,Names].
– Added Pitch HD.
– Maracana Stadium removed.
– Added More than 100 new faces in Brazileirao.
– Added More than 200 new uniforms.
– Fixed More than 250 names in the Brazileirao.
– All Brazilian technicians with their real names and faces.
– Real Names for all the clubs & national teams.
– Fixed Libertadores.
– Fixed EURO 2016.
– Fixed Brazil Cup.
– Online Compatible.

PES 2017 Super Pack v2 Addon (IncludeFix1) by InMortal


PES 2017 Super Pack v2 Addon (Includes Fix1) by InMortal

Addon 1:
– Restore and Upgrade (HQ): Camp Nou 2017
– Fix Camp Nou local Team
– Include Fix1

– Signal Iduna Park – Dortmund




v1 v2

PES 2017 ML Money Tool v2.00 by Devil Cold52


PES 2017 Master League Money Tool 2.00 by Devil Cold52

Download PES 2017 ML Money Tool 2.00 by Devil Cold52 Preview Master League Money Tool 2017

* Added to salary budget.
* Some bugs fixed.
* Updated interface.

Team Editor Manager 2017 v2.5.1 by lagun-2


Team Editor Manager 2017 v2.5.1 by lagun-2

Download Team Editor Manager 2017

Supported platforms: DEMO PC/PC​. General Features:

Edit the file .bin:
– Player.bin
– PlayerAssignement.bin
– Team.bin
– Country.bin
– Tactics.bin
– TacticsFormation.bin
– Ball.bin
– BallCondition.bin

PES 2017 PS4 Liga Águila 2017 (Colombia)


PES 2017 PS4 Categoría Primera A (Liga Águila)

All 20 teams.
Liga Águila (Colombia) replaces the fake South American league.

Download PES2017 PS4 OF Colombian LIGA AGUILA

Made by @PESarqrens89, @killacarrillo, @Fergissgamer, @luisaldanac.

PES 2017 PS4 DFL Option File 2017 v3.0 by Cristiano92


PES 2017 PS4 DFL Option File 2017 3.0 by Cristiano92

Download DFL OF PES17 PS4

Changelog version 3.0:

– complete LaLiga2
– a lot missing CL and EL Teams from epxort share thread
– Bundesliga Kist with 1024 (DELETE ALL FILES IN KITS(L))
– more than 100 new faces
– current bundesliga line-ups
– all national and classic teams with kits and real names
– manchester city third kit
– J-league inside (optional, drag folder to wepes if you want!)
– latest live update implemented
– fixed some spelling errors

General Features:

– FULL BUNDESLIGA (emblems, kits, complete squads,manager, stadiums)
– Corrected AMERICAN NT Teams (complete squad and kits)

PES 2017 PS4 OF Liga MX by Jordo Flores & Juansae Issd


PES 2017 PS4 OF Liga BBVA Bancomer – Released 25 Sept. ’16
by Jordo Flores and Juansae Issd

Download Option File Patch LIGA MX PES2017 For PS4

El OF contiene:
Los uniformes de la pagina Kits Liga MX y Ascenso para Pes 2016 (kiki/Pit)
Mas uno que otra clásico. Pumas clásico by jordo. América clásico de Sando Val
Equipos rivales
DTs (con Lavolpe y todo)
Rostros en todos los jugadores (algunos no tan detallados como quisieramos, pero editando dos personas esta difícil)
Stats de todos los jugadores (se respetaron la mayoría de los que vienen ya en el juego)

PES 2017 PC Option File by Sonjiru (Added 1. Bundesliga)


PES 2017 PC Option File by Sonjiru Update 25.09.2016

Download PES2017 PC OF by Sonjiru with Bundesliga
General Features:
Correct Team names
Correct Logos
Correct Names for all National players
Correct names for Classic Teams

New Feature:
Added the 1. Bundesliga

PES 2017 LaLiga Patch 0.3 by stanek1983


PES 2017 LaLiga Patch v0.3 by stanek1983 [25 September ’16]

Download Liga Patch PES2017 by stanek1983 version beta 0.3

– oryginalne loga BPL, La Liga, Juventus i Sassuolo, Serie B, Liga NOS, LaLiga 123
– oryginalne kitsy BPL, La Liga, Juventus i Sassuolo, Serie B, Liga NOS, LaLiga 123
– oryginalne nazwy klubów i rozgrywek
– oryginalne kitsy dla wszystkich reprezentacji
– dodano loga, kitsy dla zespołów bundesligi
– ballpack na sezon 2016/2017
– dodano modyfikacje stadionów
– adboards LaLiga
– dodano miniface dla wybranych zespołów
– dodano 300 nowych face dla LaLiga + Lewandowski

PES 2016 Super Patch Tuga v2 by Rajam


PES 2016 Super Patch Tuga ver. 2 by Rajam [24-09-2016]

Download Rajam Patch Version 2

– Use version 1.05.00 and DLC 4.0
– Premier League 16/17
– Skybet Championship 16/17
– League NOS 16/17
– Ledman Pro League 16/17
– Eredivise
– Serie A 16/17
– Serie B
– Laliga Santander 16/17
– Laliga 123
– Ligue 1 16/17
– Bundesliga 16/17
– Brasileirão A 2016
– Brasileirão B 2016
– Argentine League 2016
– League Chilena 2016
– Liga Bancomer MX (Mexico)
– League A-league Hyundai (Australia)

PES 2017 FMods Crowd Beta 1 by Fruits


PES 2017 FMods Crowd Beta v1 by Fruits

Download FMODS Crowd Beta version 1 by Fruits PES17 FMODS Crowd Preview

PES 2017 Player Editor 1.1 by Fatih Kuyucak


PES 2017 Player Editor v1.1 by Fatih Kuyucak

LightTheme DarkTheme

Edit the file .bin:

– Reading of all players in the files
– Player preview (online)
– ID player / Real ID Player
– Player name
– Shirt name
– Nationality
– Height

PES File Crypter v2 by Devil Cold52™


PES File Crypter v2 by Devil Cold52™


* Added to drag and drop
* Some bugs were fixed

Updated Stats For PES Galaxy 2017 v0.51 by RMB


Updated Stats For Pesgalaxy Patch 2017 0.51 by RMB

Download Pesgalaxy Patch 2017 0.51 Stats Update

Short Introduction:

Hey guys, most of you probably know me from PES 2016 (I hope). Back then I uploaded patches with updated stats for PES 2016. Now I’ve chosen PES Galaxy as a base patch because it’s the most complete patch for PES 2017 until now, probably is the patch I’m going to use this year and next year too if nothing goes wrong. I just update player stats, positions, transfers, line-ups and call-ups to the National Teams, nothing else. All the rest will remain untouched and all the credit for the leagues structure, player faces, kits and more goes to PES Galaxy team, they’ve made a great job and extremely fast. This is compatible with PES Galaxy 0.50 and 0.51, works fine with both. If you’d installed PES Galaxy correctly, you’ll have no problems playing online either.

PES 2013 Maxime Barthelmé Face by bradpit62


PES 2013 Maxime Barthelmé (FC Lorient) Face by bradpit62

Download PES2013 Barthelmé by bradpit62

PES 2013 Syam Ben Youssef (Caen) Face by Nour Chérif


PES 2013 Syam Ben Youssef (SM Caen) Face by Nour Chérif

Download PES2013 Syam Ben Youssef by Nour Cherif

PES 2017 José Sá (Porto) Face by Lucas Facemaker


PES 2017 José Pedro Malheiro de Sá (Porto) by Lucas FM

Download PES2017 Jose Sa Face by Lucas Facemaker Jose Sa Face Preview

PES 2017 English Commentary Update 2 by predator002


Once you install my pack the player callnames will be available in edit mode and already linked to the correct player ID. The new team callnames are linked to team id meaning only if that team is licensed will the callname be heard. In V2 I added the new team callnames into edit mode.

Download PES2017 English Commentary Update Version 2 by predator002

– Player callnames hidden by Konami made available in edit mode.
– Team callnames created in addition to the Konami licenses. Both added as a license using team ID and as a selectable option in edit mode.

PES 2017 PS4 World National Teams Options File v1.0


* All Credit For European & South American Teams To erzo77

PESOUT in partnership with pesversusfifa presents in World National Teams OF for PS4.
This is an options file for the PS4 which contains all the team kits, real player names and more for the all the national teams in the game.

Download PES2017 PS4 World National Teams OF 1.0

PES 2017 UEFA CornerFlags Pack by Leo05


PES 2017 UEFA Corner Flags Pack by Leo05

Download PES2017 Corner Flag Pack by Leo 05

– UEFA Champions League CornerFlag
– UEFA Europa League Cornerflag
– UEFA SuperCup CornerFlag

PES 2013 ESTAC Troyes 2016/2017 by Auvergne81


PES 2013 Troyes AC 2016-17 Kits by Auvergne81

Download PES2013 Esperance Sportive Troyes Aube Champagne

PES 6 HD Stadiums England


PES 6 HD Stadiums – England

Download HD PES6 Stadiums England

PES 2017 File Loader by Jenkey1002


PES 2017 File Loader by Jenkey1002

PES 2014 File Loader by Jenkey1002

The new 2017 File Loader project just started…