PES 2016 TUN Makers Patch v2.0


PES 2016 TUN Makers Patch 2.0 Released 25 Aug. 2016

Download PES2016 TUN Makers Patch version 2.0

– Compatible with DLC 4.0 and 1.05
– Update Leagues structures with promoted & releagated teams
– Update Many summer transfers
– Add many young players
– Update many teams & clubs 16/17 kits
– Update & add many faces
– Add chants for many clubs (Real/barca/Es tunis/Club africain etc…)
– Add new bootspack
– Add new ballpack
– Add new glovespack
– Relink boots to their players
– Relink balls to their competitions
– Relink gloves to their goalkeepers
– Add new adboards

PES 2016 OF Update v7 For PTE Patch 6.0 by niniboy


PES 2016 Option File Update v7 PTE Patch 6.0 by niniboy

Download PES2016 OF Update PTE Patch 7.0 version 6 by niniboy Preview OF v7

PES 2017 Demo Konami Kits by Nemanja


PES 2017 Demo Konami Kits Pack by NemanjaBRE

Download PES2017 Demo Konami Kits by Nemanja

PES 2017 Demo Download – Details, Teams and Links


The PES 2017 Demo Is Now Released For PS4 and Xbox One

Download PES2017 Xbox1 Demo Download PES2017 PS4 Demo

Control Reality in Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 and experience these new features:

– Real Touch: Players control the ball in unique ways based on where and how you control them
– Goalkeepers: Keepers see a great jump in their quality, through added motions and animations
– Natural Player Movement: Hundreds of new animations have been added to bring the players to life
– Adaptive AI: For the first time in a football game, the AI will learn how you play and adapt accordingly.
– Authentic Visuals: Player models, lighting, crowds, pitch and stadiums totally revamped.

PES 2017 All Skills and Tricks Tutorial by WeedensProd


PES 2017 All New Skills and Tricks by Weedens.Productions :

Watch PES2017 All Skills Tricks Tutorial by Weedens

To be able to perform the tricks, it’s important to turn off “auto feint” in Edit Personal Data. When a special Player Skill is required, you can check if the player has it or not in Lineup/Edit Position > Player Info > Skills/Playing Styles.

The commands showed in this video are relevant to the right direction: Fake Rabona, Riquelme’s Nutmeg, Flick, Bergkamp Flick, Sombrero, Rainbow Flick, Hocus Pocus, Elastico To Diagonal Take, Elastico, Elastico Reverse, Roulette, One-Foot Roulette, Mcgeady Spin, Scotch Move, Draw and Open, L-Feint, Drag Back Dummy, Double Touch, Inside Double Touch, Ronaldo Chop, Neymar’s Signature Move, Fancy Fake Shot, Cruyff Turn, Body Feint, Step Over, Nutmeg/Run Around, Dummy Burst and Knock On.

PES 2016 Unnoficial Updated OF (21/8 update 2) For SMoKE Patch 8.5.1 by HarleyGnr


PES 2016 Unnoficial Updated OF For SMoKE Patch v8.5.1 by HarleyGnr (21 August / Update 2)

Preview Update

PES 2016 FC Ufa Kits 2016-17 by NiK


PES 2016 FC Ufa (Russian Premier League) Kits 2016-17 by NiK

Download PES16 Ufa Kits 2016-17 by NiK

PES 2016 Aaron Ramsey (Arsenal) Face by Sameh Momen


PES 2016 Aaron James Ramsey (Arsenal) by Sameh Momen

Download PES2016 Aaron Ramsey Face by Sameh Momen

PES 2013 Nikolay Bodurov (Fulham) Face By Pablobyk


PES 2013 Nikolay Bodurov (BG, Fulham) Face By Pablobyk

Download Bodurov Bulgaria NT Face

PES 2013 Franco Vázquez (Sevilla) Face By Pablobyk


PES 2013 Franco Damián Vázquez (Sevilla FC) By Pablobyk

Download PES2013 Franco Vazquez Face By Pablobyk

PES 2013 King Power Stadium (Leicester) by Gendy


PES 2013 King Power Stadium (GDB Version) by Gendy

Download PES13 King Power Stadium by Gendy Preview King Power Stadium

PES 2016 Real Madrid Kit Pack V2.0 (PC/PS4) by YastRin


PES 2016 Real Madrid C.F. Kits Pack V2.0 (PC/PS4) by YastRin

Download PES2016 Real Madrid KitsPack 2.0 For PC and PS4 by YastRin

PES 2013 Scoreboard EPL 16-17 (with Replay Logo) by AFR


PES 2013 Scoreboard Premiere League 16-17 (+ Replay Logo)

Download PES2013 Scoreboard Premiere League 16-17 by AFR InTeam Preview

Nikola Žigić Face For PES 2016 by mare0


PES 2016 Nikola Žigić (Unattached, ex. Birmingham City)

Real Face Preview Modded Face

PES 2013 Mini Face Pack (25 Aug) by Rgr DS


PES 2013 Mini Facepack by Rgr DS on 25 Aug ’16

Download RGR 25 Aug Facepack

PES 2016 Last Facepack by Alief


The Last Facepack For PES 2016 by Alief

Download PES2016 Last Facespack by Alief Facemaker