PES 2017 Pitch and Graphics HD By Estarlen Silva + DLC Fix

COMPATIBLE with both “Online” and “Offline” modes.

Preview PES2017 Graphics HD By Estarlen Silva Preview PES2017 Pitch HD By Estarlen Silva

* New Pitch HD – Next Gen models
* New Version of Camp Nou
* New Mosaic FC Barcelona
* Skys HD
* Pitch Line Real HD
* Graphic HD
* New Crowds ambient
* New Ambient in game
* New movements of crowd
* Lag reduced


PS : Not recommend the SweetFX and Reshade as it may spoil the quality of the Pitch.

Estarlen Silva
Donny Avia

PLEASE Before install, readme tutorial incluse with download.
ABOUT Pack Stadiums PES 2017 ? I release soon …

More Previews: imagebam.comAfter the DLC 1.0, Konami made some changes that caused a bug in the Camp Nou in the mode Night and Night/Rain, for those who want to correct this error.

Note: Valid only for those who use my MOD “Pitch + Graphics HD 1.0”



For mode ONLINE :



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    • COMPATIBLE with mode ” ONLINE ” and ” Offline ” also PES 2017 Demo ( Unlocked )

      Compatível com os modos ” Online ” e ” Offline ” e também com o PES 2017 Demo ( Unlocked )

  1. When you see Estarlen Silva Name then don’t hesitate to download and install his work! I didn’t get it yet because still waiting for the 1st PTE Patch and i hope it will work fine with it :) Great job as usual mate <3

  2. this is really great, just one exception, the “estarlen silva” text logo in the adboards all the time, it look so unrealistic… please, how to remove that texts?….


  3. I have 3 the same files in all parts named dt30_win.cpk. Do i have to merge it somehow? Or just change name in other 2 files and copy all 3 files into the game folder?

  4. in the next version of this great patch was magnificent that could see the animation technical director of moving the hands and PS4 … it would be a touch more reality in pes 2017 pc …

  5. after new update, in ML, in Champions League game at Camp Nou everything is red, players, boards, lines, nets … any update/fix about that?

  6. anyone can upload the original file : dt30_win.cpk (pes 2017)? please…
    i messed up and lost it. After update dlc, all player become blank red. thanks

  7. Is it possible to implement only the fixed crowd since it causes less lag on my system? On vanilla PES I encounter really annoying lag when I get close to goal, which is gone with this mod, but overall gameplay is less fluid with it, so I would like to stick with vanilla and only implement estarlen silva crowd.

  8. Olá amigo,parabens melhor Patch de todos,ficaria perfeito se tambem corrigisse uniformes,logos e escudos. Vc poderia me recomendar alguma extenção para arumar isso,sem prejudicar o patch HD Graficos?

  9. PS : Not recommend the SweetFX and Reshade as it may spoil the quality of the Pitch

    That’s too bad because the Sweet FX disabled, players’ faces will look ugly. And this patch fixes everything related to graphics except players’ faces :(

  10. Colors are over-saturated, too bright and contrast is also to high – it doesn’t look realistic at all. White lines are too bold and too bright. I prefer more nature graphic not so-candy style. It’s better than original graphics in PC version? Yes, this patch improving graphics quality from 2,5/10 to 5/10, not more. I see big potiental in that patch but there is still work to do.

  11. these lines are awful!!very fat and big and too much white and pitch too bright!totally unrealistic!!don’t you people watch real football??how can someone say they like it??your stadiums are good but not your pitch so when you release stadiumpack give us the ability to change the pitch because in previous pack we can’t because you put it all in one cpk!or make a proper pitch with realistic lines and colours for example nikoliberty pitch is very is really a shame because i want to have these stadiums for game to be more realistic but this pitch totally ruins it!!if you cant fix it release stadiums only without your pitch so we can choose on our own what pitch to use!!!

  12. estou com um problema, não estou conseguindo adicionar o fix_camp_nou junto com a dlc 1.0?após gerar DpFileList automaticamente desabilita a dlc 1.0.solução pra usar dlc+fix juntos???