PES 17 New Gameplay By Parham.8 – this is my new gameplay

Download pes17 gameplay

– Better Pass
– Easy going referees
– Better GKs in front of heading and air balls.


How to use: Back up dt18_win from your data folder then replace it with mine.

Please leave comments about your exp. with this.

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  1. Just make a copy of the original file into another location (for example your desktop) and then replace this gameplay file in the Data folder. Backups means make a copy in case you want the old file again. Greetings

  2. Hi I want a special request from you Do you make the kallis very powerful and agile? Kales difficult goals please yes very strong please?

  3. Nice, can you work on direct freekicks too please? The ball trajectory is very strange and it is nearly impossible to score when you want to shoot over the wall.

    • Hi. Tnx. I may not change freekick shoots because i tested them and i learned that each player’s shooting requires you to learn the skill. For example scoring with messi or oscar is easier than scoring with ronaldo in F.K. . also you can change players motion of freekicks and ablities of them such as curve and freekick so you may score as easy as possible. And remember this that when shooting, if you are in a good near spot or angle, fill the meter until it is green (middle) then release it and you can score. If you are not near fill it more. Depends on the player.

      • Oh, but can you try to improve the ball trajectory for freekicks.
        I mean it is impossible to shoot high over the wall and that the ball gets dangerous for the goalkeeper and many freekicks from 25 to 35 meters are going in the wall.

  4. سلام پرهام جان .یه سوال دارم چرا سرعت واکنش دروازه بان در تمامی نسخه ها در بعضی مواقع حالت اسلو مونشن پیدامیکنه و ایا راه حلی هست؟؟؟/ایا میتونی قیافه و حرکات تماشاگرا رو تغییر بدی؟؟؟ایا میتونی انیمیشن اضافه کنی؟؟؟ایا میشه کاری کنی درصد خطای شوت ها و احتمال اوت شدنش بیشتر شه؟؟؟و در اخر ورژن دو رو کی میدی بیرووون؟؟ممنوون عزیز ب

    سلام پرهام جان .یه سوال دارم چرا سرعت واکنش دروازه بان در تمامی نسخه ها در بعضی مواقع حالت اسلو مونشن پیدامیکنه و ایا راه حلی هست؟؟؟/ایا میتونی قیافه و حرکات تماشاگرا رو تغییر بدی؟؟؟ایا میتونی انیمیشن اضافه کنی؟؟؟ایا میشه کاری کنی درصد خطای شوت ها و احتمال اوت شدنش بیشتر شه؟؟؟و در اخر ورژن دو رو کی میدی بیرووون؟؟ممنوون عزیز ب

    • Slm duste aziz. Version 3 dar site pesfa montasher shode ye sari bezan. Inja kami dir montasher mikonan. Taghirati emal kardam va ham khodam ham computer nesbat be ghabl bishtar be tirak mizanim va sorate tup ro kam kardam va … Ke mituni dar siti ke goftam bebini. Dar morede tamashagara ye negahi be in 2 ta patch bendaz:
      1) PES 2017 InMortal FX MOD 4KTurf / Crowd / Coach v0.3
      2) PES 2017 Pitch + Graphics HD By Estarlen Silva

  5. ghablan ona ro dan kardam kheyli jaleb nashod tamashagara…man mikhastam bdonam to be che chizaee dastresi dari va mitoni taghiir bedi….??????????????
    version 2t ra download kardam ali bood mamnooon …
    perfect… have a nice day dear can i have your telegram id???????????

    • Dastresi ke be hame bakhsha darim duste aziz ama khob har kas dar yek bakhshi maharat dare. I don’t have telegram but i can send my em@il if you like. Or you can send pv message in pes-patch forum. :)

  6. Please Parham.8 i play regular please make a patch easy for regular mode i have tried so many patches but all makes regular mode even more difficult and amateur so easy :/ i have problems intercepting those quick passes from the flanks and 18 box and slow players like really slow players like Matic can match the pace of ronaldo i mean WTF !!!! i hate playing amateur the difficulty gap between amateur and regular is so bad from konami :/ i dont understand why konami devs added beginner its useless

      • i have no comment on lower mode..cause i usually play in top player/star player mode..with keyboard..u need to train harder son XD

      • Version 3 heavy ball gameplay is nice……….can you make a fun gameplay patch with High Speed Shoots,More Accuracy,Weak Goalkeeper to score long range with weak players and can you reduce the diameter of target in advanced shooting….

        • @ashish : tnx. Already made one for someone that i’m going to send it with email. Please contact me on pes forums or give me your email so i may send the speedy fun version to you.

  7. Thank you
    I have some doubts:
    Can it be used for both offline and online or offline only?
    If it can be used online.
    The two users have to have this patch?
    This patch if it is only for offline that difficulty in the game should I select (pro, star or legend) and manual controls?

  8. oh! i see.. thanks bro. so for the best game play what should i use? heavy ball’s or normal ball’s? sorry for asking.

    • Gks are 3℅ better against low shoots with heavy ball :) that’s all. There is no difference to say which one is the best.

  9. You can add in your next version v4 that more fouls, more contacts between players and referees who pit more penalty

    Is it possible to change the above?

  10. Hello. Thanks for your excellent work. I have two simple questions: The better pass concern the human player or the CPU? Since I would only affect this change, if you tell me, please, what are the changed files?
    Thank you very much

  11. HI Parham. OK Thank you. But I can not understand all the changes in version 3 which concern only the better pass. Thanks for the clarification and good day

    • For example: ball settings including rolling, shooting speed, weight, moving speed.
      Cpu will think that the players are behind so they will attack and dribble more.
      Shooting speed for penalty shoots has been decreased.
      These things will help the gk to block the ball better afterall.

  12. Your new gameplay was good…… And it’s a request can you make a fun mod gameplay with high speed shots, great accuracy, weak Goalkeeper so that weak players can score from long range and can you reduce the radius of target in advanced shooting…it will be fun

    • I can but, how about you train more? You know i’m talking about habbits. If you build your skills on an easy gameplay, you will never become a pro. Train hard with hard gameplays to become the best in pes and defeat everyone ;)
      And i already made a gameplay with high speed of my version 3. Contact me on forums and i can send that to you if you like.

  13. legacy gameplay with heavy ball will be the best gameplay ever.. thanks so much.. i hope u realize my request… we will love it

    • Tnx daniel. I already made legacy’s ball a little heavy but not that heavy instead gks are better so i thought there is no need for heavy ball in legacy :)

  14. hi parham, thanks for your great work. we all appreciated it, really.

    i wanna give my ideas. make better player’s movement on the set pieces, they are terrible.
    1. when the FK takers is kicking the ball for set piece crossing (not direct FK), the ball is difficult to find the attacker. i think maybe the movement should be towards the goal (player move to the inviting ball) and so does the defender.
    2. still on the set pieces. when the camera behind the FK takers, and the FK takers want to shoot directly, the CPU movement are terrible too. they are just like, bouncing their all body, shaking it up-down left-right slightly, so does the GK..
    Thx a lot.
    *sorry for my bad english :P

  15. Can you make a fun mod gameplay with
    High speed shots
    Great accuracy
    Weak Goalkeeper so that weak players can score from distance
    Can you reduce the radius of target in advanced shooting?..

    • Yes but it won’t happen. I have a fun speedy gameplay of my version 3 that just speeds up the game a little. If you want it, contact me on forums.

  16. pues la verdad no noto la diferencia, me acuerdo de un usuario moba que decia que hacia miles de cosas y al final era lo mismo que el juego original

  17. Hello brother, I need a gameplay more easy, more driblings, I do not want to take the ball off all the time, you recommend me? Original 2017 Pes is difficult for me, I want something more fun without being so hard on the defenders and midfielders

    I need a gameplay of less difficulty and more fun, which you recommend?

  18. Hi Parham.8. Good work
    Can you help me? What parameters can I change to make sure that when shooting with my attacker with the ball towards the penalty area, the CPU defenders (even the poor) catch up always my players, for even the fastest?
    Thank you