PES 2017 Head Size Importer Tool 1.1 by zlac

the simple command-line tool which enables you to edit head physique (length, width and depth) of the players that have .cpk face assigned.

Yeah, those three little options that Konami, decided to disable in edit mode should a player, God forbid, have a proper face assigned.


1. Encrypted EDIT00000000
2. The usual, standard, unzlibbed PlayerAppearance.bin file
3. Make sure that both files come from the same source – i.e. original game .cpk/save (if you’re not using any patches) or from the save and .cpk of your favorite patch (make sure that you supply PlayerAppearance.bin that is actually being used by your patched game). Ask your patch makers where their custom PlayerAppearance.bin file resides!!
4. The tool itself

IMPORTANT: Both EDIT00000000 and PlayerAppearance.bin must be edited simultaneously and kept in sync to avoid various resets in edit mode (ask @Hawke if you don’t believe me).

How to use:
1. Enter the IDs and head physique params of all the necessary players to the file id_list.txt – one ID per line!! (the explanation and example can be found in the supplied id_list.txt within download). You can enter as many IDs as you want.
2. Copy your unzlibbed PlayerAppearance.bin and encrypted EDIT00000000 files to the same directory where HeadSizeImporter_2017_edit.exe is
3. Double-click HeadSizeImporter_2017_edit.exe (or start it manually from cmd line, without any parameters) – if there are any parameters to change (or not), you’ll see it in the cmd-line window
4. Done – you’ll find new copy of PlayerAppearance.bin (PlayerAppearance_edited.bin) and new encrypted copy of EDIT00000000 (EDIT00000000_encrypted) from step 2. Tool does not change original files.

Important remarks:
1. PlayerAppearance.bin file MUST be unzlibbed – zlibbed PlayerAppearance.bin is not supported
2. EDIT00000000 file MUST be encrypted – decrypted EDIT00000000 is not supported
3. This utility does not make in-place edits of EDIT00000000 or PlayerAppearance.bin – your original copies should remain unharmed, but as always – make your backups before using this tool!!
3. File with IDs to patch (id_list.txt) must be saved with ANSI encoding, do not use UTF-8 or Unicode
4. Only one ID + exactly 3 head params in the exact order are allowed per each line in id_list.txt
5. If you want, you can use comments with #-sign at the end of each line in id_list.txt file. Lines that begin with # are fully ignored

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