PES 2017 FMODS Online Update by Fruits

Download FMODS Online Update

FEATURES​: All previous tweaks are included.​

NEW – Ps4 Ball like reflection​
NEW – Sweat texture​
NEW – Resived nrm texture for better staff/manager detail​

DT15 – Ball Reflections​:
DT30 – Pitch, Light Settings​:
DT32 – Skin, sweat, staff tweaks​:

Now fully compatible with online mode.​

If you don’t play online rename the cpk files to a name of your choice and run them through the normal download folder method.​
Don’t forget to backup your dt15_win.cpk, dt30_win.cpk and dt32_win.cpk.​

Special Thanks to NikoLiberty, Suat and to all Evo-Web members supporting me during these years.​

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I had some problems unzipping DT30 and DT32. I couldn’t make them work. I didn’t have any problems with the first file. I haven’t tested it on the game yet.

  2. Should I remove the other cpk data from the previous patches. And this one I should also copy in the download folder and then run the dpfilesgenerator?

  3. I would like to ask people to stop using money making link shortners on my work. My work is free. Any download shortners on my links are not mine. Do not download

    • Thank you for the patch and direct link.. :)
      Can you try to incorporate motion blur ? i really think motion blur + AO will make the game close to the ps4 version. much appreciated if you can do that.

      • Well i respect your decision for not making shorten links, but why disrespecting people who add their shorten links ? Do you know that most of them are from poor countries and Jobless? Don’t you think that it’s good if they can make a little money to survive? Because for 10.000 visitors they only win 5 dollars! Thanks anyway for your amazing work and i’ll test it now :)

        • The problem with these links mate is that sometimes they trick you to accidently install stubborn softwares or extensions where your antivirus, firewall, malewar bytes, and CC cleaner all together can’t remove them.

          // when a file says is hosted on mediafire, the final download must be from mediafire for example, you can’t get wrong… if you don’t want to…

  4. HI There.. tq for the mods it great.. i,m using pes galaxy patch when i use the download folder method, the logos are back to default..

  5. Is it necessary to download your other mods to get this mod working great. I mean I tried it and it is not that good as it looks in that pic above pls reply quickly