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Short Introduction:

Hey guys, most of you probably know me from PES 2016 (I hope). Back then I uploaded patches with updated stats for PES 2016. Now I’ve chosen PES Galaxy as a base patch because it’s the most complete patch for PES 2017 until now, probably is the patch I’m going to use this year and next year too if nothing goes wrong. I just update player stats, positions, transfers, line-ups and call-ups to the National Teams, nothing else. All the rest will remain untouched and all the credit for the leagues structure, player faces, kits and more goes to PES Galaxy team, they’ve made a great job and extremely fast. This is compatible with PES Galaxy 0.50 and 0.51, works fine with both. If you’d installed PES Galaxy correctly, you’ll have no problems playing online either.


Premier League:
Arsenal, Chelsea, Leicester, Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City and Tottenham.

Ligue 1:

Serie A:
Fiorentina, Inter, Juventus, Milan, Napoli and Roma.

La Liga:
Atlético de Madrid, Barcelona and Real Madrid.

Borussia Dortmund, Bayer Leverkusen and Bayern Munich.

Primera División Argentina:
Boca Juniors and River Plate.

European National Teams:
Belgium, France, Germany and Italy.

American National Teams:
Argentina and Brazil.


1) Download the file and extract it with winrar.
2) Copy-paste the EDIT file in Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2017\save.
3) Replace the old EDIT file.
4) Open the game and turn off the live updates pressing R3 in your controller. This is essential, if you don’t do this you won’t be able to use the updated stats and the league structures will be a mess. You have to turn off the live updates in any mode you play.
5) Enjoy!

What do I mean with “Updated Stats”?

Let’s cut to the chase, what does this add-on include? Basically updated stats for all the teams in the list above. Why updated stats, aren’t Konami stats good? No, no way. They’re terrible. With those stats, which are much more realistic, the gameplay becomes more realistic too, because you don’t have overpowered players in some areas (like Boateng with 95 Ball Winning, for example) and the mid-table teams are not so underrated as they are by Konami. You can try it yourself and let me know your thoughts, I know y’all like it. Where do I get the stats from? For this edition I’ve chosen PKKE (PES Kings Edition), a very complete PES stats forum which I’m part of. That means I’m fully aware of the ladders we use and why that player has that value instead of having another one. Most of the sets of european teams have been updated recently (a lot by me), and I’m updating the rest, so there won’t be outdated stats for any player who I include in this patch. What happens to the players who are not created on PES Kings Edition? Well, in those cases I use a mix of PSD (PES Stats Database) and my own judgement based on full matches or videos I watch online. If I don’t know the player at all, it isn’t created in neither of these two forums and there are not videos of him online, then I’d just let the player untouched, with the original stats by Konami.

What do I mean by “stats”? Well, everything. Player attributes, positions, special abilities, everything except for height and weight. Why, if I used to do this before? Because Konami has implemented a new line-up system with pretty cool player faces on it. The problem is that if you edit any of the appearance options in a player, the face in the line-up menu will dissapear. This includes height, weight, long or short sleeves, boots, anything. I’ll just update this things in those player who don’t have a face in the line-up menu or that were created from scratch, like most of the Bundesliga Players. If you guys want me to edit the players height/weight anyway, I’ll do it.

The completely broken overall system

We all know the overall system is broken. It has been broken in every PES until now and probably it won’t be fixed. Before complaining about any player stat, please take a look at his set, at the abilities, not at his overall. You’ll find Cazorla is at 90 and Iniesta at 92, there’s just one point difference between them even if Iniesta is better than Cazorla in every single stat and he even has a 6 points advantage in some areas. Or you’ll find Ramos is rated 87, same as Godin, even if Godin has like a 10 point advantage in Defense and Ball Winning. As I said, the overall system is broken. I won’t edit players making shitty sets just to have him on a “logical” overall. That’s what Konami does and that’s why their stats are so bad.


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    • Thanks man.

      PES Galaxy’s kitmakers will do it for sure, the kits are on the web already, they just have to be added. I’d do it myself but I’d had to add new cpks and when PES Galaxy releases the new version there would be some compatibility problems, I prefer waiting.

  1. I saw the work you put in but I don´t like one thing about it. You not only changed the stats you also changed the position of the players (Main Position). For example Alexic Sanzces isn´t HS he is LA or RA but you changed it to HS

    • Alexis plays on both wings and also as a false nine, so the most logical thing to do was giving him SS as main position so he could play in any of those positions. There a re a couple of players like that though, Sergi Roberto for example. What I do in those cases is keeping the position in which they’ve played the most or the one in which they seem more comfortable in.

  2. This is wonderful! Was busy doing it myself, but i haven’t had too much time lately.

    Just one question: is it on purpose that players like Pepe, Ramos en Ronaldo have such low body control? Just curious, because at PSD the haven’t updated this new stat voor lots of players.

    Thanks a lot!

    • The Body Control attribute is a mess. As far as I’m concerned, is the ability the player has to hold multiple kicks, contacts, etc, with a rival. Ronaldo’s body control may look low but honestly he doesn’t use it, everytime someone touches him he goes to ground to win a foul. Anyway I gave him 83 Physical Contact to compensate this. Same goes for Ramos and Pepe, they’re strong but they dive every time they can. I’m still testing it though to see how it works in game.

      You’re welcome, glad you like it.

  3. Hey Man…good job..but why bayern Monaco have a Spanish crowd and speakers in the stadium?? How to change this thing? Thanks

    • Haven’t touched Monaco so I don’t know what the problem is. Crowd and speakers can’t be changed in the editor so it doesn’t have anything to do with the EDIT file. It might be a problem with the cpks or a bug from the original game, I’ll report it on PES Galaxy’s site to see if they know what’s going on.

      • @Ramindbroken He meant Bayern München (Bayern Monaco is the italian name). Was confused as well.

        It’s spanish because you can’t change the teamnation with the ingame editor. So it’s still spanish instead of german

        • Thanks, I thought he meant both Bayern and Monaco.
          Yeah, that’s what I thought too but I don’t know how to change it, I guess it can be done with some of the external editors.

  4. RMB Pls Make update transter and stats for pes 2016 too… T^T on pte patch 6.0 you are to good on this.. pls make it for pes 2016 too

    • I’m not playing PES 2016 and sadly I can’t edit both games at the same time because of the time it takes. I’d give you mi old PES 2016 EDIT but it’s pretty outdated since I haven’t touched it in the last months, sorry man.

        • I’m not using any. I know there’s a good editor here on the forum but I’ll have to edit stat by stat anyway, I’m used to do it from inside the game except I find a way to do it faster.

  5. hi i am amit i am from india how to download Updated Stats For PES Galaxy 2017 v0.51 by RMB because link is blocked it means Your requested URL has been blocked as per the directions received from Department of Telecommunications, Government of India. Please contact administrator for more information.please give me any suggestion

  6. Does anyone know how can i unlock the home field from roma or lazio? Because with the stadium pack from estern silva roma and lazio have camp nou for home field and it is locked. I cant change it. Any help? Any programme? Please

  7. i have steam version 1.01 live update on
    than i make off and install patch 0.50 and 0.51
    and still dummy player ? what can i do help plz