Update: The PES 2017 Release Date has been confirmed on several sites as September 20 September 15. At least digitalspy and totalsportek leaked pes17 date release, nothing is official yet.

Today, another gif showing us the artistic stage has been revealed:

Do you like what you see? Let us know in comments below.

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    • los jeques moros que enfocaron en la tanda de penaltis, metidos con pasta en el madrid…
      cada vez me da mas asco el futbol, el atletico os tenia que haber ganado aunque su equipo fuese 4 veces inferior, pero planto cara y elimino a bayer y barca que tiene 100mil veces mas merito

  1. So proud seeing ALBANIA Lenjani celebrating like that.PES 2017 finally got the time for Albania National Team.Waiting forward to it…

      • yeah, i got it, they fooled me, i was totally excited, now my excitement are gone, i dont need pes 2017. i heard it is same like pes 2016, nothing has changed

        • It will change after that stupid old gen consoles go away.
          Thanks to the people when GTAV was insulted 10 years ago by the consoles, look at GTAV now! Hahaha!

  2. OMG, is this gif really PES 2017? So real, look at the crowd, the shirt, moves and the reserve player celebrating in the background. Holy sh*t LOL

  3. The kit of albânia on konami is not the same in the end of the gif. Different colour, different number font.

    • Guys yuo didnt noticed…the 1st half of gif is the game and the other half is real..the gif is for the comparison between real vs pes 2017…