PES 2016 Turf Pack New Collection By DrossEHS

New Turfs


Fruits, danyy77, Smoke, l4vezz1, Konami,
Tizziano, Txak, boonaun, Yucel11, NikoLiberty4.


-Fifa 16 look alike colors
-Pitch dirt/mud texture of the field
-Wrinkles/accessories/sweat/rain/pecular improvements included
-New accurate referee cards Red color and yellow color

-realistic pitch texture ( work with all stadium patch)
-new pitch line (more thin and white)
-new real 3d grass texture.

– Copy ke folder download pes 2016
– Edit DpFileList Generator and Enjoy.

// Removed.

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  1. None of the turfs is made by the author of the post, it not add nothing new. It´s only a compilation of others modders to make easy money . Two RAR files of 65mb and 50 mb .. why? , for have more adflys , each link have 3 ó 4 adflys . this is a shame and starts giving too much disgust . :(

    // removed.

  2. It’s an New Collection made with many Packs to try differents styles ,all credits are in the topic.

    // admin note: we noticed this trend lately. please add your work here next time. no more packs.. thx for understading.

    • Call it like you want. The true? stolen work compiled and reuploaded to your own links (with adflys, of course, a lot by the way) , only for make easy money with the work of others modders (you don´t add absolutely nothing new or yours) ..People like you are killing the PES Edition, as I said before, a shame.