PES 2016 Gameplay Tool v1.0.0.0 by Yaku and IceTea

Download Gameplay Tool 16

– Compatible with Windows 7,8,10.
– Support official patch 1.04 & DLC 3.00
– Settings imported to PES from Football Manager and FIFA 16
– Plugin to improve speed in the game
– Ball physics all reworked
– Improved Gks response for CPU and Player
– Improved Rfs based in FIFA
– Improved reactions in the players
– Real percentages in final statistics



DT18 Settings based in:

Image 2

Image 3

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  1. What is this ?
    Gameplay and converter ???
    Can you upload to mediafire ???
    I try open your link, it’s said dangerous. So i can’t download it.

    // it’s zippyshare. no danger there.

  2. i cant understand what is this i downloaded it and its file 20 25 config files and we have to run the game throught the gameplay tool..confusing must uppload tutorial for this Yaku.

    • How to install?
      1. Extract the files
      2. Copy all the files to your PES 2016 Directory (C:/Program Files/Konami/Pro Evolution Soccer 2016)
      3. Run the game with “Gameplay Tool 16 v1.0.0.0.exe”

      • you can never notice something different because there is nothing different but only..a bunch of fake files from jenkeys pes 2013 GP(totally useless for pes 2016 because of differente game engine)..and a exe called gameplaytool with some changes..but what changes?..if someone post first data10 and 12 fake and now all these fakes..what can you expect?

  3. All this files are here to improve the gameplay using several parameters based on Football Manager stats, FIFA stats and the real football imported to PES.

    You just have to copy/ paste all the files in your PES directory and run PES with the Gameplay Tool.

    This work is not stolen from somebody, I’ve made the new stats system and Yaku has done the DT_18 file. We don’t want to see that nothing change or something like that, this tool have been tested, rebuilded several times to make it as better as possible and it takes us lot of hours.

    We are waiting your feedback after multiple match tests with respect and consideration. We respect the work from others modders and we will be very pleased if they want to collaborate in the project.

    • you say you dont steal..and all the files from jenkey’s tool from pes 2013 why are there?…and what is their function?pes 2013 is totally different gameplay engine…pes 2016 uses fox those files are also useless….look..just dont fool the people around with these things, data 10 data 12, now these files from jenkey pes 2013.. ok?..i know its not what you say because i have some knowledge but most people dont..

  4. when i run game with the Gameplay Tool this message appear the application was unable to start correctly 0xc0000142 click ok to close

      • Hey shoking, is that true it works with tattoo mod? If yes tell me the way. Because i already rename it and still not work. It says not valid exe version

        • Sorry, i try it with another gameplay and i thought it was this one.. This Gameplay is not compatible with tatoo (like you i have the same message: Not valid exe)

  5. when i tried to tm_patcher with this gameplay it says not valid EXE version. Any solution yaku???
    I want to test your game but please give me solution first for tattoo

      • I already renamed it, but still it says not valid exe version. And i already tested the game, your gameplay is wonderful man!!! Really this is perfect!
        – Referees improved, now more fairplay.
        – Now movement is more flexible
        – Ball bounces now become more natural
        – GK and defender improved, they always do the unexpected rescue
        – Game speed is perfect. I use +2 here

        This seemed like I needed from the first time i play, i just can’t wait your gameplay compatible with the tattoos. Good job Yaku & teams!!!

        • simple…first rename it PES2016, when the tattoo patch is applied just rename it again with previous name….sorted!

          • The problem is after i rename it to PES2016 tattoo still not applied. It says not exe version. Have you tried it and success bro?

    • the problem is the size of the Gameplay Tool 16 (42.671.616 bytes), TM Patcher only supports the exe of (42.532.864 bytes)

        • no, i didnt i am looking what this gameplay tool is made of…but..not like jenkeys has no tool…just the exe…unusual!!!

      • the problem is that this is a total fake….but you can believe what you want to believe..there are all these files from jenkey GP tool of pes 2013 but pes 2016 has a totally different game engine and those files can never work in pes me on this…i know it and i am 100% why did they put all these files?..they are useless for gameplay and for anything in pes 2016!!!and the tool?..its just the exe renamed tool.(may be with some changes because its bigger)…what a joke…

    • Of course I play with PESGalaxy so is works perfectly. I’ll upload soon a v0.1 of my new stats for the EDIT file in PES Galaxy. Only BPL first.

  6. I have question here.
    I want to reinstall my PES 2016.
    Which i step should do ?

    1. ORIGINAL PES 2016
    2. Your Tool
    3. PES Galaxy / PTE Patch


    1. ORIGINAL PES 2016
    2. PES Galaxy / PTE Patch
    3. Your tool

  7. excuse me Yaku, but i only see a lot of files and the pes 2016 exe that you named gameplay tool…but…where is the gameplay tool interface proper?i mean with jenkey tool you had a program(the tool) and then you attach the exe to that program, where is it here?how does it works? its confusing

    • This version is simple. No need more tools because it is already optimized for proper operation

      • i still don’t get it…how can there be a tool without a tool?…and what are those files about camera and kitserver? do you change camera with this?

        • It´s the first version. Patience.. In this moment, the users cant modify the parameters. So, IceTea and me tested the game for a great optimizitation.

      • What are you talking about?simple?jenkey’s GP tools were simple too…just attach the exe and make the changes you like…this is nothing but a bunch of useless files form…jenkey GP tool for pes 2013..but totally useless for this pes 2016 because of differente game engine(fox engine) what are all these bunch of files for??…i answer you…NOTHING!!!

  8. This is cool!!! It’s almost PERFECT bro!!! Please make it compatible with tattoo bro. It will be perfect with tattoo
    Btw the opponents is not aggressive like your hardcoreAI, do you use logicalAI in this patch?

  9. Puede que haya cambios en el dt18_win,pero todos los demas archivos no sirven absolutamente para nada si no van asociados a otra herramienta de settings y tu lo sabes Yaku.Solo es para vender esto como un nuevo Gameplay Tool. :)

    • The new .exe Gameplay Tool 16 is bigger than original .exe because needs .dlls to run. :)
      DT18 and .exe have been reworked.

  10. Yaku kiedy zrobisz coś żeby było wiecej faul .żólta ,czerwona kartka ,lepszy sedzia wiecej gwizda? Pozdrawiam

    • a na jakim poziomie trudności grasz? jak poniżej Top Playera,to się nie dziw że nie ma ani fauli ani nic ;d

      • Gram na poziomie Profesjonalnym i mało fauli ,zero kartek raz na kilka meczy 1 kartka żółta ,nie ma fauli w polu karnym sędzia nie gwiżdże . Czy można to poprawić? Pozdrawiam

      • ale nie wazne na jakim poziomie powinno sie grac sediowanie powinno byc takie samo poziom gry nie ma nic do rzeczy

  11. Yaku, please tell us if you know the way to make it your gameplay compatible with tattoo mod. I really love your works and i want to enjoy it but still not complete without tattoo mod.
    Thanks for your effort bro! :)

    • Stop comments fake comments please, all the files here are neccesary to work made by me and IceTea based in Jenkey plugins. The Gameplay Tool 16.exe takes care of everything.

      Thank you

        • They are very important in next updates, for the process to build this tool is neccesary that all the dlls are present. If they are not, in next updates, the tool could crash. I have no obligation to write the whole process
          Do you need the difference? Comment your impressions in the game. Why a lot of questions?? You can create the perfect tool. This is free for us. I dont understand this attitude of pressure…

          • They are very important in next updates, for the process to build this tool is neccesary that all the dlls are present. If they are not, in next updates, the tool could crash. I have no obligation to write the whole process
            Do you feel the difference? Comment your impressions in the game. Why a lot of questions?? You can create the perfect tool. This is free for you. What´s the problem? I dont understand this attitude of pressure…

      • these are not fake comments…the only fake is your patch…moderators should interveen..these are all from jenkey pes 2013 gameplay tool, useless for pes 2016 because not same game engine

        • Please… All the files have been reworked to run with PES 2016, you only must to see the user´s comments about this tool.
          It´s works!!!!

      • If moderators should interveen is for you to spam this post. Files are in the gameplay for a reason, every file madd the gameplay like we’ve done so you have your answer, you’re happy now ?

  12. pues ya lo probe y si hay cambios la IA piensa mas y es mas logica tambien es agresiva pero no tanto como cuando utilizo el dt18 de mvp77 me gusto el gameplay muy fluido para mi el mejor hasta ahora es logico que de vez en cuando uno golee la computadora pero todos los partidos no son iguales yo felicito a los creadores de este parche por su trabajo y esfuerzo por hacer este juego mas emocionante

    thanks yaku and icetea for you work
    you are an monsters!!!

  13. Hola yaku, espero que me puedas responder.
    Recién me descargué el programa, lo abrí y empecé a jugar (con el teclado) city vs bayern munich, saqué del medio, corrí y metí el gol en menos de 3 minutos (juego en 10 minutos) mas o menos, meti el gol en menos de 15 segundos. Es muy fácil de pasar a la defensa, cuando corrés en vez de acercarse a marcar se alejan a marcar el pase y te dejan todo el espacio libre.
    Reitero, si modificás el marcaje va a ser mucho mejor, porque los arqueros atajan bien, el único error es la defensa.

  14. Yaku! Thank you for making the extra mile to make our game experience better… No doubt… Best gameplay patch I’ve played so far.
    Hope you won’t get tired of making bits and bits of improvement despite others negative comments/criticisms. I’ve seen a few who gave up b’coz of those… Appreciate your TIME and WORK!

  15. This gameplay is very heavy.
    You should have 4gb of ram if you play with this gameplay.
    Dont use this tool for low quality PC :)

    Referee is good, i dont use sliding tackle but i get fouled. More realistic.
    CPU Players try to take the ball from behind.
    Reaction is still slow.
    GK’s movement is better.

    I have a question
    Can you give me or upload FIFA 16 STATS FOR PES 2016 STATS Converter ???
    My PC is not good enough to run your gameplay

  16. It´s our work, our time… If you don´t like, Don´t download and play with original game…
    Thank you

  17. ok…i am done with all you guys..believe what you like to believe..if you are happy, i am happy for you..but moderators must interveen..this is the second fake post from this guy..enough is enough

  18. Please
    This is inconceivable.
    Our post with this type of comments.
    Our patch is the best when you really try it.
    Thanks for the serious comments

    • Hola Yaku, podrías responderme?
      Te aclaro que me encanta lo que haces y sé que le dedicás mucho tiempo, nada más lo que te dije son correcciones. Y emm, el PES GALAXY es compatible con el PTE PATCH 5.0?

    • you only like good comments ?those are all placebo effect comments..but placebo will go…if jenkey look at this…he will be angry sure..steal his files from pes 2013 and use them for pes 2016…what a joke!!!!

  19. This tool is a gameplay patch, not exactly like Jenkey tool. This tool is a DT18 rebuilded with all our excel stats imported and an exe rebuilded with dlls from Jenkey plugins.
    Thats all. The experience is different and great.
    Thank you
    Yaku & IceTea

  20. tienes que ponerlo compatible con otros parches porque yo tengo el pte patch y la ai esta maso no esta ni bien ni mal pero tus parches estan buenos…

  21. Michael67, do you want to join to our project? You know a lot… please you could help us…:)

  22. it’s fake all dlls!!!!!!!!!!!!
    only thing who changes is dt18 and exe no more!!!!!!!!!!!!

    u only convert jenkey’s database of 2013 for 2016, and u also says like maradona10 add fake folders and plugins!!!!!!

    if i’m a liar pls contact jenkey and u will se who’s the truely liar

  23. My Dt18 and exe have been reworked with IceTea!!!!
    Do you tried it? And then comment your impressions. I used plugins for .exe, so its size is bigger!
    Thank you

  24. This is simple.
    I worked with my friend in DT18 ( Game Settings) and .exe. If you compare both our .exe is bigger with changes.
    And we need some dlls based in Jenkey “based” If you look the date of these files, all of theme are new, April of 2016. Our work isnt stolen and obviously you feel a big difference in IA, Goalkeepers and Referees.
    If you dont like our project, you can create your own patch and dont download this tool.
    Its our time and our work.
    Im not going to spend my free time in something fake… Our work have been tested and it works.
    I accept comments to improve this tool. Jenkey are not between us. He was the most amazing patcher of Pes. But now, We only want to contribute to Pes with our ideas and projects improving the Pes.

  25. In conclusion, thanks for all , good and bad comments, they are neccesary to improve and remebember…
    Together could build the bes patch for our Pes.
    Thank you and Good Morning.

  26. Together could build the best patch for our Pes. Thanks to all the comments, they help to improve.

    Thank you and Good Morning.

  27. hey why don’t work tattoo mod u sayed it’l be all ur patches will be function tattoo mod

  28. This gameplay is good….please create tattoo patcher mod for this gameplay tool….honestly im very like it…..

  29. Bro your gameplay is not run smoothly when i playing on 2nd half. It seems heavy to run, on 1st half it works good.
    What happen with that?

  30. amigo yaku para la proxima actualizacion mejoren los porteros y la ia mas agresiva es lo unico que falta
    con respecto al parche lo probe sin los dll y con los dll y hay mucha diferencia
    no le hagas caso a esos que solamente comentan por comentar son troles y niños ratas

    // for more comments follow the forum.

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