Yaku Gamelay Patch v0.3 Update 24.3.16 + Tattoo Pack Enabled

Download Yaku Gamelay Patch v0.3 Update

Over 420 changes. New Content:

* Tattoo Pack by donyavia Enabled
* IA is now more aggressive
* Improved Sliding Tackle
* Realistic ball physics in control and shots (Now ball falls quicker and more real)
* Improved IA and P1 Defense
* Improved Free Kicks (Balanced and real)
* Improved Referees and judges in fouls and offsides
* Fixed some Gameplay Bugs of previous versions


Now Yaku Gameplay Patch is compatible with Tatto Pack by donyavia!!!

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  1. Buenas, estaría bueno que arregles que cuando tiras un pase con R2 para hacer una pared la defensa no se corra, porque siempre se abren todos y queda un hueco gigante. Después, cuando la agarrás con un jugador y empezás a correr se abren todos, en vez de cerrarse, te dejan entrar al area caminando y nadie se pone para tapar el disparo.

  2. Hi Yaku. First of all, great gameplay. I was using your previous versions and I am really satisfied. With this version something is not really clear to me. I did everything what it writes in tutorial except Nr. 6. It says “Open PES 2016, edit player and reset!!!” There is no such an option in PES. How should we reset the players?! And also, I didn’t find in your pack Yaku 0.3.exe file like you had in previous versions. Is it together with PES 2016.exe or what? I am using PTE 4.1………….happy to see your answer. Best regards. Jelek DK ;)

    • Hello Sir Jelek DK, thanks 4 all. The Step Number 6 is only you have problems with tattos, if your tattos are ok, forget the last step.
      In this version you dont need my .exe just pes 2016.exe

      • I generated the tattoo.cpk with DpFileList Generator, but tattoos are not showing in my PES. Do you know what it could be a problem? Is it compatible with PTE 4.1?

    • Sir, thanks 4 all. The Step Number 6 is only you have problems with tattos, if your tattos are ok, forget the last step.
      In this version you dont need my .exe just pes 2016.exe

  3. Hello Sir, thanks 4 all. The Step Number 6 is only you have problems with tattos, if your tattos are ok, forget the last step.
    In this version you dont need my .exe just pes 2016.exe

  4. Is there any way to uninstall it somehow? Don’t get me wrong, I like it very much, but is causes lag for me for some reason.


    • if you know how to do it, any 3dm is compatible with this tattoo thing….its not in dt18 and the tattoo tool is not made by this author but from Suat in evoweb.And also modified dt18 needs modified exe in order to read the changes..otherwise…you know what is it?…pure placebo my friend

  5. thanks for your work but in this version AI defence is not hard as previus version in this version its so easy to score and attack unless i play in super star and AI takes lots of mistakes like loosing ball and…I wanna know Its just for me or others???

  6. Good work, but I still playing with gameplay AI and I never get a free kick for me close from 35m 30m 25m 20m and never get PENALTY KICK!!

    the best AI I have seen for free kick and penalty kick: WE2002, PES04 ,PES6 I mean PES14,15,16 I mean AI are so bored xD. I still hope anyone improve this :)

    • the best one without any doubts is PES 2012…may be many people dont agree but it is a football simulation game..very hard on superstar level how it should be…many fouls from both sides, many varied action in the field …..this pes 2016 is shit arcade if you compare and there is no gameplay patch or any tattoo who can fix that…..i want football in a game…not tattoes!!!!!

  7. may be not everyone agree but the best is still Pes 2012, very varied AI, many different shots, many fouls from both sides, very very hard on superstar…totally different from this arcade pes 2016 and no patches can fix this game, i am sorry author but…i want football in a game…not tattoo!!

  8. nice gameplay but with regard to tattoos to be improved … in many players bracce or faces are black … is an example: maria, t.silva, Pereyra (juventus) and more … when I start tm.patcher can not find the pes.exe ..

  9. gotcha!!!

    exe is from of yair some other him use from mvp or harlock!!!!!
    dt80.cpk is from harlock and v2 from alex!!!!

    adm pls ban him ,
    news also like maradona10

    • this should be gameplay patch..not transfer patch…not tattoo patch.stop asking something else…there are plenty of patches for these things around..and gameplay sorry but…i find the same as original…where are the 420 changes?

  10. This very good gameplay patch but please make a patch that compatible to the previous data pack or new one.thanks

  11. why is good gameplay?because has tattoo?i dont see good gameplay..same as konami original.low shots, no referee..all defects still there..

  12. I simply love your game play patch . I have been able to convince my Fifa friends to play Pes with your game play. They also loved it at least for once