PES 2016 PC Patch Tuga Vicio Update Version 3.2

Compatible with:
DLC 2.0 (included)
Patch official 1:03:01 (Included in PES Selector)

PES 2016 PC Patch Tuga Vicio Update 3.2 PES 2016 PC Patch Tuga Vicio Update 3.3

Champions League 100%
Europa League 80%
LIGA MX And J LEAGUE 90% (Fatam some kits)
Other leagues 100%
Transfrencias January 70%
Players removed Fake
New players created
fixed coaches for all teams
All Leagues and licensed Competitions
All teams with name and emblem
Referees Kits
New Faces (More than 900)
New Goalkeeper Gloves (100)
New balls (all competitions)
new Boots

No Selector:
LiveUpade TugaVico (NEW) BETA
TugaVicio Pitch HD (NEW)
Ultra HD Graphic Patch
Scoreboards + Replay
Desativar Replay
Start Screen
Adicionar novo conteúdo
PACK DE ESTADIOS (Instalar a partir do Selector antes de ativar) (NEW)
PACK DE ADBOARDS (Instalar a partir do Selector antes de ativar) (NEW)
TURFMOD (Instalar a partir do Selector antes de ativar) (NEW)
CHANTS PACK (Instalar a partir do Selector antes de ativar) (NEW)
Para Modo Online:
Equipas licenciado (não contêm a Bundesliga)


1. Install Patch 3.0 (turn off the antivirus)
2. Open Selector (Choose whether the game is original or not … will add update 01/03/01)
3. Open Selector (if you will use stages responds Yes)
4. Download and install addons (if you want)
5. Install Update 3.2


PS: You can see Selector Guide inside.

Info: Still some mistakes but we will updating whenever possible … Respect our links and credits. There are only kits for a 5 or 6 teams.

TEAM Tuga Addiction:
-fernandes 19

Other credits:
neto22, Cronos, Engloda, Vadim, Prince Shieka, MarioMilan, HD3011, Tunizizou, Fatih Kuyucak, So-Yul, CRI, Mo Ha, Ginda01, Fruits, majuh, quangtri78, pesmonkey2013, Alief, Extreme, Ozy_96 PesMod, donyavia, Mohamed Triki Jesus hrs, Estarlen Silva, A20Group, Jin River, Franklucio, BruhDawg, mEkc10, DP13, killer1896, muske25, BlackRider1993, ljq12697, PolarisNine
All Facemakers, All KITMAKERS, all edit PES
juce, extream87, lagun-2, smeagol 75, sxsxsx, Razib 46, evowebonly
Translation PES Selector: BOOX, shadominus

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  1. great patch!!

    when I install stadium pack, stadiums are not linked to their teams. can you do that?

    thank you!!!

  2. Thank you very much for the patch!

    Is there a way to add some new faces to this patch? How can I install new faces?

  3. Every time i add a CPK file to the game with this patch , the game crashes after the start the screen
    Can you please help ?