PES 2016 Gameplay Patch by Harlock v3.3 Released 10.02.2016

Download PES2016 Gameplay by Harlock Version 3.3


Goalkeepers, Defence, Free Kick, Foul, Judge, Team Attack, Penalty, AI CPU and others fixed.


Warning!!! If you do not like the speed of the game you can change in the game.

Install: All in Gameplay by Harlock 3.3 folder is copied to the root folder of PES 2016.

I wish you an enjoyable game!

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  1. i need is some cpk file to unlock the konami’s import kit and manager photo to (999) on the option file.

    there’s s something you can do konami just unable for pes 2014.
    remember when konami release is first pes 2014?

    the first version have high quality graphics, and konami on patch 1.02 or 1.03 just disable the quality. Maybe on PES 2015 and PES 2016 it is possible to enable again, thanks to the konami troll fans konami just downgrade the quality of PES 2014 since today!

  2. There’s no idling of players. Every players respond very well that looks more realistic. Good Shooting Style, Best Dribbling and One of the Best the Fantastic Savings and Reflexes of the Goalkeeper that makes me hard to score. Great Job Man…..!!!

  3. It’s my first time trying an edited gameplay
    The Game is more realistic
    but it’s to easy to score from a header
    also because of this it’s my first time ever to win on superstar level :D

  4. Sorry, let me rephrase: The exe in your gameplay patch shows v1.4 (right click on exem, properties, details) just like the old v1.03 update, while the exe from the latest v1.03.1 update shows v1.5. Why???

    • Maybe because he modified it. But when you play the game check at first screen and you will see its last version.

  5. too easy for me at superstar level….pls make some improvement…make it more harder….by the way, good job harlock….nice master piece

    • Tried your last version, gameplay was nice but poor gk and easy to run between defence, also tried your exe plus Mvp77 dt18 (too easy to score too), and finally gone back to Mvp77 V1 exe + Hardcore V1 as it´s the best gameplay for me until now, and where I find more difficulty at the matches and with best GK.

      It´s a shame as I play with 1.03 instead 1.03.1 but until there is something decent for last version (Mvp77 said he won´t do it) I prefer to play with that as it´s more difficult and funny.

      • mvp77 told he will not make any update simply because there is no konami update in so called patch 1.03.01 or 1.05 whatever you wanna call it.they just changed the power bar on keeper and thats it!!!!!no change in that terribly low ai shots and no changes in referees and gk reactions(main gameplay issues)and he is wise …he dont want spend any of his precious time anymore to improve a damnt konamy game just to improve their sales.what they give us all the times is a game incomplete…after all there are modders around who can sort their messes out aint it?

      • mvp77(he is italian like me) said the new 1.03.01 from konami is just a joke and they(konami)are just kidding us.the only things they fixed is goal post power bar and advance through ball(they did not work before).for the main gameplay issues(referees,low ai shots,shot power,goal keepers,left and right wing player running on each other and so on)they did not do damt nothing and he also said this game gameplay wise needs to be written back from the scratch and he no have nor time and will to do that…well…i totally agree with him…lets wait for some more konami magic..otherwise..sorry guys..but this game is unfixable!!!

      • there is no difference between 1.03 and 1.03.01. konami is just kidding us all.with so many gameplay issues to fix(gk,referee,shots,player positions ad so on..)the just fixed the goal kick power bar and the through balls in advanced simply because in the previous did not work properly.that is the main reason why mvp77 is not going to do an update,simply because there is no real update from konami.that is the real shame!!!

  6. Everyone just mix this Harlock v3.3 with Pes 16 update 1.03.01 n play Top Player, that’s it!!! Send feedback after trying this!!! :)

    • you are the only one who see some good in this konami update.ironically, stated by konami itself they just fixed the keeper bar and advaced through ball which is irrilevant what feedback are you waiting for???the gk poor reaction, the referees not whisteling,the low ai shots and all the rest are still again..what feedback are you looking for?thanks anyway Harlock trying to fix this game…but sadly..with poor or better i would say no results…

  7. can u anyone please help me? my all stadium lights are not showing in night matches. i am using pte patch 3.1 & Estarlen Silva stadium pack please help me???

  8. AAfter 12 games on master league i scored 48 goals with inter on superstar level.Everything is good except opponent defend,pls make opponent team to not leave too many spot for scoring btw after 12 matches i took 20 goals almost impossible to not be scored by opponent but tooo easy to score cuz i have too much free spot for scoring

  9. arsenal vs chelsea .Took two shots with giroud .two goals. please fix the goalkeepers and grip of the players like pes 16 original gameplay.

  10. hello.

    1-AI defense
    4.Sliding Tackle
    5.Hands ball :) It would be really great, if there were handball in the game. :)
    6.Free Kick
    thak you harlock.When will be next update?? Please write me :)

  11. Hey harlock, just downloaded you 3.3 patch containing improved goalies, judge, etc. I copied the files from your patch to my pes16 root folder and replaced the ones similar to what was in your 3.3 patch. I ran the game and went straight to free training in the pes16 menu, and tried out the goalies but non could put up a good save as 95% of my shots were goals. Didn’t see any impressive saves from the goalies? Could you help me out on this issue or have I missed anything during the process of installing? Pls lemme know. Thanks for trynna make pes16 better.