PES 2016 FIFA 16 Adboard v1 + PES 2016 Adboard v2 by Saifudin Azis

Download PES2016 FIFA 16 Adboard v1 and PES2016 Adboard v2 by Saifudin Azis

mega uploaded

Credit : Saifudin Azis

Note :

Fifa 16 adboard v1 : jika bermain dengan EPL team di exhibition match
PES 2016 adboard v2 : untuk team selain dengan EPL team

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  1. Nice work, is there any chance of a tutorial for those that want learn? I’ve used photoshop cs6 to create some animations but I don’t no what to do next, can you help me out please?

  2. can u anyone please help me? my all stadium lights are not showing in night matches. i am using pte patch 3.1 & Estarlen Silva stadium pack please help me???

  3. The adboard is too white… I use your previous adboard and it works charmly but this adboard is too white… fix it please