PES 2016 #N-Gen With Master Effect Reborn by Fruits

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This will be my final tweak for pes this year, i can’t really say too much about it.
Just take a look on the pictures, they speak for themselves. All screenshots have no Photoshop manipulation what so ever. Everything looks amazing, in my point of view. Will include all default lens flares and halo textures improved by me, Will also include my last version of the crowd where summer/winter/fine/rain it really doesn’t matter because fans will wear the team shirt. Also a lightweight HQ turf, nothing too expensive, just a matter of final product with the pitch lines from lavezzi’s Real Turf. Skin specular roughness, edited, Kit spec edited (JUST PAY ATTENTION THE LIVERPOOL KIT ON THE SECOND SS FOR EXAMPLE). Rain redone from scratch. Also fans wear scarfs with the club colors and flag

For those who don’t know, mastereffect reborn, is a lightweight yet accurate shader injector based on reshade.

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  1. Does it wokr when I use PTE Patch and have to delete the donjavia graphics which is in the downlaod folder?

  2. I used this patch with the standard installation of PES 2016.

    This patch made my the england kits go black.

    P.S I did test this patch on iits own when this happened, no other patches attached.

  3. It´s quite blurry, I don´t like it, even menus get blurry and difficult to read. At the photos you can see players edge gets blurry too :(

  4. Hey , fruits thanx for this great tweak i used it but the game became kind of laggy :p is there any solution , i have Nvidia Geforce 710M 2Go :)