PES 2016 SMoKE Update 8.1c Released 8.12.2015 by Dido_SMoKE

PES 2016 SMoKE Update 8.1c

Change log:

– includes konami DLC 2.0
– includes 1.03
– online enabled (steam required)
– correct rosters for all other Euro teams
– correct rosters for all other Asia teams
– correct rosters for MLS teams
– correct rosters for J-League teams
– corrected all transfers
– Virtus entella replaces Teramo Calcio
– added more faces
– replaced low quality faces
– added correct kits for all teams
– reworked national teams kits
– fixed international teams coach pictures.
– fixed scoreboard (like beta)
– new HD gloves
– updated boots
– alternative stadium turfs, full adboards and other commentary languages are available at SMoKE addons.

mega uploaded mediafire

1. Extract installation files (download all parts, put in the same place then extract)
2. Run installer (Setup 8.0.exe) and follow all steps, then Update 8.1c installer.

– Be sure your Antivirus do not block or delete any files from the patch.
– Do not install any konami updates, all included in the patch.
– Starting a new ML and BAL saves is highly recommended.
– This is a standalone patch, anything you add comes at your own risk.

External files:
Stadiums: estarlen silva (modified)
Balls: cRoNoS (modified)
Boots: WENS

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  1. In Sketbet any Teams (Bolton,Charlton,Fulham,Huddesfield,Ipswich,Leeds,Nottingham,Sheffield We) have on the front Numbers.
    Quilems and Braga Away is wrong
    Hertha BSC Sponsor not available
    Israel National Team have not Kits.
    The Patch is very great!!!

    • next step in the patch will be to review all kits, priority was to have correct kits for all teams in the patch, then all kits will be fine-tuned and updated if needed.

    • Some team in Bpl and skybet have a front number… Such as westham, watford etc… It can deleted from edit mode… I hope in next update will be fix it…. This patch is awesome

  2. Tielemans added to Anderletch, thanks for that, MLS seems ok like J-League, but many problems with players and transfers.

    Wakaso is free agency instead UD Las Palmas, like Blazykowsky and many more. Stenzel missing in Dortmund, some players have XXX at the end of their name, and some other little bugs.

    • most transfers are done, but after the release of DLC 2 some players are now created from konami so we have a couple of duplicated players like wakaso, he is already in las palmas (w. mubarak), anyway all teams will be revised to add any missing players or youth.

  3. I downloaded part1 yesterday and the file name is 8.1 repack. Downloaded other 2 parts today and file name says 8.1c. Is there any difference?

    • Be sure you got the update 8.1c from official links only, links here or at smoke website, other links are not supported and contain bugs.

      • i also have this problem too. :( .
        .all are ok but when the kick off start, the game is stopped working.
        i downloaded 8.1c from here.
        plz , how do i solve my problem?

    • You didn’t need the capslock but yeah, Griezmann looks like a zombie, De Bruyne looks like a kid, and I’ve seen many other that were perfectly made by Konami but messed up by Smoke (sorry but that’s the truth). You should make a switch so we can choose, just like PESGalaxy

  4. good morning!!! the exelente patch , but tou having a problem installing it … run the file and place it the directory C : \ Program Files \ Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 … there always comes that this error ( patch 8.0 full smoke was not found in the selected directory) and do not install ? coz it will be ?

  5. Great patch! You’re a nice guy!
    However, this patch is the high specification?
    Sometimes, gameplay action is difficult and slow In my pc.
    So I am sad ㅠㅠ

    I hope as lowered one level Possible patch
    pitch or crowd or etc .. Anything..
    Have you ever thought?
    If you without thinking …
    Thanks a lot..You’re great.

    • You can install (performance turf) to the smoke patch from smoke parch website/addons, it is made for pc that lag with HD turfs.

    • You cant use default because there are a lot of new stadiums, but you can download smoke performace turfs from smoke patch addons, it is similar to default turfs

  6. Hello man!!!!!!!!Great job once again!!!!!!!!!! Could you help me how to fix real names,faces,skills for barcelonas youth team (master league) ???


  7. Primero que todo quiero felicitarlos por el excelente trabajo realizado. Y segundo quiero comentarles que los kits de los clubes de la Copa Sudamericana no aparecen, esto ya con el FIX Instalado. (Sugerencia).

  8. I again, I tried to put a new turf (PES 2015 NO GRAIN TURF MOD v5 by Fruits) via DpFileList Generator and now I dont have the 40 Stadium Pack.

    I generated a new DpFileList.bin with the new turf, entered the game and the custom stadiums are gone. Exited the game and used the backup hoping the custom stadiums were back but no, they never appeared in the game again.

    What have I done wrong? I can leave with the default turf, but I really want the Stadium Pack and I prefer to not reinstall the game and Patch completely. thx in advance

  9. In the next version of the patch i will make a new turfs for all stadiums, better than the ones came with the new stadiums.

  10. Great patch,I love it. But what is with face of G.Ochoa from Malaga and everytime when I want to add something new the whole patch have bugs.Fake Bundesliga and other. But this is the best patch,thank you very much <3

    • You can change either the turfs or your bad pc. You can’t pretend to play a 2015 game, add mods and use MS DOS as operative system :p

  11. Hey, great patch, but the skill stats for the players are the same…is this going to change any time soon, because a lot of players stats are super underrated (example Martial, Zouma…)

    Is there anyware an updated skill list so we can update it manually maybe?

  12. Without all those duplicated players this would be one of the best patches. Playing Máster League with all those duplicated players is crazy. Hope you can fix that soon. For the rest this is one of the best patches I’ve tried if not the best one.

  13. The patch is excellent, the best I’ve had. Still I have three questions and suggestions:
    1. You could change the face of Legends players? And the name is not Zidan but Zidane.
    2. We appreciate rather pay attention to the faces of the selection of Ecuador. It will be great.
    3. You could leave enabled section Technical Director for MLS clubs, to be honest I’m creating a new league (personal) in the MLS league and I can not change the Technical Director of some clubs and I would love to do it.

    As I said before the patch is excellent, the best I’ve had. Thank you.

    • Hello,
      Faces are being added when there is a good quality available
      Managers are made unchangable because if not like this then it cannot have pictures for managers, ofcoure you can change it but you have to edit a system file which might crash the game if you dont know how to edit it. (Needs hexedit)

      • Hi Dido , the crash sometimes in Master league , i play in D2 english league and it crash before starting the game , have you a solution or a fix ? sorry for my bad english :)

  14. i have some trouble with the patch
    when added any thing on download folder like start screen and generat with dpfilelist the stadium become 16.
    and please i want remove this gameplay i want original gameplay
    and how i can remove the sweetfx from the patch the game hang off with rain
    thanks alot to help

    • Smoke patch have konami gameplay, there is no sweetfx added to the patch, there is other turfs available for the patch at smoke website/2016 addons

  15. Thanks a lot for reply
    What about another issue
    When added anything like face or screen etc
    On download folder
    The stadium become 16 stadium

    • it depends on what files you add, if the cpk you add to the patch have a system file that will replace a system file of the patch then there will be bugs and errors, thats why we always say that anything you add comes at your own risk, i cannot anticipate what or how others make their files.

      also, when adding a cpk be sure the cpk files are in the correct order.

      tip: i dont recommend using cpk DpFileList Generator if you dont know the files order, better rename the files you want to add to (SMK_AO4.cpk) and replace the one in the download folder WITHOUT generating new dplist, this file is reserved for smoke patch chants but the chants might be very late to come.

  16. I have a question.
    Does This patch have update rosters of teams in “Copa Libertadores” and “Copa Sudamericana”?.

    • Next version will be full version, all files are being re-created for optimum quality/size
      This takes time, i recone around new years eve

  17. The patch is excellent, the best I’ve had . i have suggestion , Can you add more clubs from Indonesia and fix face players of persib bandung , arema cronos and persebaya ?

    Thank’s a lot
    You’re the best

  18. Great patch…!!! The best for the PES 2016. I Only want you repair the national team`s uniforms in special south american teams.

  19. Not install
    I can not install SMoKE Update 8.1 it because

    SMoKE Patch 8.0 FULL was not found in the selected Directory

    I have SMoKE Patch 8.0 FULL
    please answer me

  20. Exellent patch ! Just one thing : about kits, when I play in Winter the sleeves of some teams (Newcastle, Stoke city…) are not good. If you can fix colors please it will be great. thanks you

  21. Absolutely the best patch there is. And great job for the file for pitch quality, it was lagging for me until I installed it that file return to normal pitch. Keep up the good work!

  22. First thank you for your nice patch.

    I found 2 things wrong: In the ML in dutch language, my club is Ajax and my national team is Argentina. When i play WC2018 qualification with Argentina it says that im playing in South-European qualification, which should be South-American.

    Also so far I played just 1 time with snow condition, but the pitch looked awefull. I doubt that you created it like this, i thinks its some kind of error.
    Whole pitch was just white without any detail and ball was white too.

  23. Good patch but there are some bugs:
    -try to add 4rd kits and maybe 5rd kits like pte and pesgalaxy patch
    -please don’t modify konami faces just create new faces to replace fake faces
    -no 3rd kits for barca and real madrid in europe competitions
    -wrong 3rd kit for bayern should be blue not black but in champions league is the right one
    – fix as roma 3rd kit
    -when i play in valencia stadium in the night,summer ,fine conditions the turf is white
    -Some players are black face but white body like martins
    -Some player during the match has something above their heads something like black point
    please fix all these problems and it will become a complete patch if i find another thing i will tell you(sorry for my bad english)

  24. i also have this problem too. :( .
    .all are ok but when the kick off start, the game is stopped working.
    i downloaded 8.1c from here.
    plz , how do i solve my problem?

    • download the update from here or from the patch website, if you get the update from anywhere else the game will crash at kickoff.

  25. Definitely marked last year this patch! Best done a patch, a long time ago was 8 December when the last version came out …. Many were after him attempted, but the rest is just to try! Smoke is not the best Smoke is the only patch !!! In my humble opinion.Most FINISHED teams, leagues FACE ….. there are a lot of things that make this game nice ….. why use his patch, hopefully soon out and its versions after February, and FINISHED transfer ,,, with another that supplements of which I expect more annouced young players! Good luck in your future work, I’m sure users and warmly recommend it to others !!!

  26. bro for the final patch can u make the latest kits for “Johor Darul Takzim(afc champions league),Terengganu and Pahang(others teams asia)” plizz. u re the best right now dude. can u also add “Selangor FA(Malaysia)” to the patch? I really hope that u can..plisss

    love ur work very much (Y)