PES 2016 EPL Ads and Replay Mod by shrek10



Password: Evo-Web

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  1. Thanks man…
    Why when I play another team such as real madrid or juventus as the home team.. there is no adboard at the stadium???
    Please tell me how to fix it??

    Love this adboard so much anyway…

  2. Another compilator of the work of others …another thief,another parasite that win his money with the youtube videos… do you want see your credits of your work in my compilation?..ok,ok. but first pay me ..see my video and pay me first …other way you cannot see the names of the authentic authors of this work… nice fraud … With people like you guy, the PES Edition is dead … a pity…

    • This is a great patch even if is a compilation of cpks no one else has done it this way and this guy shrek does not link his work to any ads which is apreciated. Mr. Jesus your scoreboards are nice but your PTE patch is the one with the ads to pay youtube does not pay for view or ads dont why you made that up.

      • Because I don´t like the vultures and the people that seeking money and prominence with the work of others without even putting their credits or forcing you to view your videos and pay them to see them .. only for that … I already left the pes edition by him and by the people like him .. who will be the next?… Best regards friend and enjoy your PES ..while you can ..

        • I know the most of users don´t mind this issues, you download the patches and enjoy them, but the creators yes .. it do it , and without the creators the PES edition is dead … and already there are a lot of them that are very tired of this people and another things, like users that you that seem to ignore or prefer to do that behind every work stolen there are a lot of hours of work, a compilation is done in fifteen minutes .. Do you remember PESEdit patchers.. I do it , and I´ll never forgett them … and were devoured by this kind of vultures ..

  3. Jesus, you have a problem. Now you don’t like people are making videos? Lol… stop it… jeeezz. You need to stop it. Work, create but stop offending the others with any reason.

    • To offend ??? …this is to offend (in added picture) , when I ask him he do that legal people do …to put the credits of authors in his post … I do not have to see his video until the end to see my credits .. they must be posts in the post, like do all the legal peolple… do you know what is a youtuber? … people that win money each time someone see his videos … I do not have to do this guy win money with my work , simply because I do not want to do it ..this guy have the pride of the mercenaries …
      And don´t worry , I already had stoped .. this noob say goodbye after more of 60 scoreboards ,more of 30 packs logos and my large contribution in several PTEpatches ,the best patch in this moment ..etc .. etc …
      and I ever respected all people and their work when I use it in my work … we’ll see that you offer these people the day that all creators say goodbye … well,ever they can make a video like is in second picture … probably this is that you deserve … until never , my dear “user”..

      • Ah ..and I don´t have any problem … I know how edit my PES .add leagues , teams ,players ,scoreboards ,stadiums ,adboards ,etc ..etc.. I don´t have any problem ,but perhaps shortly the problem is yours, and users like you, if you keep throwing food to the vultures… but already this is your problem, not the mine ..

        • By the way ..this was my last post in the Evo Web thread .. and his answer … enjoy it … because you are of the same kind … “user”
          I say goodbye with thousands of hours on my back and the satisfaction of having contributed something to improve this fantastic game for some time ,and have caused hundreds of thousands of PES users enjoy with it and have always respected the patch makers to do the same … what are you do to have the right to judge me? … people like shrek and you make that the motivation for keep on working disappear … a pity …

          • but make no mistake .. the “red card” is for you and all the PES community, not for me .. because you are already out of my life …and I will dedicate my time to things that really worthwhile … not for people like you … as I said ..until never …

  4. Jesus, It’s New Year’s Eve. Do not stress, is not worth it… credits are, or if any more, will be. Forget all and enjoy the life we have ahead ! Happy New Year!

    • Happy New Year also for you , my dear “user” , but remember that this is only a game,only that…and this time you lose … :)

  5. This pack is great, though the years are off.
    For exmaple “Chelsea Club Membership 14/15”, kind of breaks the immersion that this creates.

  6. great work you are the best and they all know it please please try to upload some english stadiums like u did in the liga bbva stadiums and thank you i still waiting ..