PES 2016 Albania – Face, Kits, Names , Stadium = Original


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  1. Worst edit ever. There are no players with original faces, kits are low quality, and stadium is not original, it is renamed konami stadium.

  2. If anyone cares to release a dam fucking decent patch for PES 2016, was pleased to say thank you. PLA League – Paraguay League, PEU League – 1. Bundesliga and PAS League – J. League 1.

    Other Europe Teams add all CL and EL Teams.
    Other American Teams add all Brasileirão B.
    Other Asian Teams add the teams was eleminated on the first qualifying round from AFC Champions League.

    For god sake, we already have all the files we need to release a dam good fucking patch!

    //Bye admin shit pes patch! Don´t be a monkey boss.