Pes 2013 Anti Racist Start Screen About Racist in Iran

Download Pes2013 Anti Racist Start Screen About Racist in Iran


Hello everyBody

3 Days ago in Iran TV Show abuse to South Azerbaijan People(Turkish region in iran)

Persian People Scoff to Turkish people in Iran and they treat them too badly

But Today  they want to destroy racism

The TV Show Subject was :

2 Turkish people go to a persian hotel – they stay there for 1 day , In morning time turkish people want leave the hotel they says your hotel has bad smell after search hotel boss find bad smell from turkish people mouth !

Turkish people Instead of using Toothbrush They use toilet brush!!!!!!!!

40 Million Turkish people live in Iran

Persian people treat Sout Azerbijan people like slave and enemy

I think South Azerbajan Should Independence from Iran.

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    • We Are not sunni
      We are turkish
      Just want to Study Turkish Language in School
      another reason is the persian people are racict
      they treat too badly too us