[PC] PES 2016 SMoKE Patch 8.0 BETA by dido

Download PES2016 SMoKE Patch 8.0 BETA


– ready for new season 15/16 (in-progress)
– correct leagues names (done)
– correct leagues emblems (done)
– correct leagues balls (done)
– added Germany Bundesliga (done)
– added Japan J. League (done)
– added USA MLS (in-progress)

– added new teams: (in-progress)
(Galatasaray, APOEL, Panathinaikos, HJK, Partizan…
– correct kits for all teams (done)
– correct clubs logo (done)
– correct and updated squads (in-progress)
– all teams have correct home stadium names (in-progress)
– correct radar color for all teams (in-progress)

– added new players (in-progress)
– corrected personal attributes (in-progress)
– removed duplicated and fake players (in-progress)
– added 49 real goalkeeper gloves (done)

– correct names for all stadiums (in-progress)
– added 28 new stadiums (done)
– HD turfs for all stadiums (done)

– added 100 boots (done)
– added 52 balls (done)
– added new scoreboards (done)
– updated referee kits (done)
– correct trophies and cups (done)
– new graphics (in-progress)


1. Extract installation files (download all parts, put in the same place then extract)
2. Run installer (Setup 8.0.exe) and follow all steps

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  1. i already have one patch its called emoder will this patch work if i didnt delete emoder pathc, or i must first delete emoder patch??? :)

  2. thanx for your great effort :)
    all I hp is to add more 2 african national teams at least so we can play a real african nations cup with 16 teams.
    u did that before and you added Ethiopia, cape verde ,Angola and RD Congo, it was great !!

  3. Should I delete other patch b4 installing this one? braco balkanci ak vas ima pomazite, jel treba obrisat prijasnji patch :D

  4. this patch 100% work properly (y) reccomended for you all
    but i hope that login screen will be same as like original one

  5. As usual , Smoke patch rules :), it works perfectly ,clean setup , all teams with (real)correct names and emblems, specially national teams unlike other patches. great effort really , recommended for u all.

    all I want in the next versions to add at least 2 African national teams to be able to play real African cup of nations.
    teams like Gabon or Cape Verde or Angola Libya ….
    thanks again guys really nince patch

  6. hello, this is the patch maker.

    – pes-patch uses the patch official certified links and is trusted.
    – this is a BETA release made for the patch fans, the official patch is still not released, thus a lot of things are yet to be done.
    – if you have any technical issues please refer to the patch facebook page.
    – this patch is and always will be a (standalone) work, anythings you add to it comes at your risk, we only test the patch and its functionality without any external adds. (we believe addons should be made to be compatible with the patch).
    – after the full patch is released, we will have addons available to the patch.

    we recommend that you buy the game if you like it, we need konami to to make enough profit that they can make the game complete with the need to have it patched.

  7. Good patch so far.

    Please could you correct colour of Manchester City home kit.

    Update all Starting Line-Ups

    Thanks for your hard work

  8. Been using SMOKE patch since pes 2011. This is almost perfect. Only gripe is the homefield are not set, but everything else is excellent!

  9. developers we are curious for indian super league to be added …its growing football league and popular than many european leagues/…still in its infancy… pls add

  10. Is the Smoke Patch not compatible with other cpk files? The Smoke Patch completely disappeared after I copied some cpk files in it. Can someone provide the fix for this?

  11. The names of players in J League and MLS are incorrect. Don’t mind if you could fix it? Adding in Astana, Bate Borisov, Celtic, Malmo, Kazakhstan, Syria, Romania National Stadium, Kiev National Stadium and more English Premier League stadiums will be fantastic! I know this is asking a lot but it will be easier if you could copied some stadiums from FIFA 16 and regenerate them into PES 2016 versions.

  12. Thanks for the patch! He’s working perfectly!

    Just some things could be fixed. Brazilians teams squads, maybe after DLC?

    Argentina player kits, are using Uruguay!

    On the rest, great!!!!

  13. I tested the patch, a good start for the patch, but I commented:

    – Lack of third jerseys for clubs
    – Lack of faces for especially big clubs
    – Lack front of FC Barcelona as: Alves, Iniesta, Messi, Neymar, Suarez, Masip, Sandro, Rafinha, have bad faces
    – Lacks alot of clubs has “Other clubs europeans”

    • This is a beta release, its mentioned in the installer discription that the new faces are not included
      Probably thats why its only 1.3 gb

    • i dunno why pte patch requires an external crack, maybe it modifies the gameplay or something, i dunno i didnt have a goodtime with pte patch this year, smoke was way smoother and better

  14. Does this patch work on dlc 1.0. If not what would be missing. PLEASE REPLY SOON IF ANYONE KNOWS ABOUT THIS coz I’m about to DOWNLOAD IT…..
    …btw dlc 1.0 has released if anyone does not know

  15. Ok but it feels good to keep the game updated with dlc…..btw Which should i install first The DLC or The patch…

  16. Is it possible to make the ref-kits, the scoreboard, corner flags, replay logos, and ball automatically change according to the league or cup you are playing, and to add the cup/league logo to the kits depending on the match?

  17. Everythings great, the patch is great but there are 2 thing i want you to put:

    -PS4 graphics
    -Red Star Belgrade team

    Just that :D

  18. can u please tell me ……..from where can i download this smoke patch 8.0
    whenever i am clicking the download button ….it takes me to new pop-up pages and shows recomended downloads …..even after downloading them…i cant download this patch….please help :)