PES 2016 Do Dragao Updated 2015-2016 Season by Tizziano

Download PES 2016 Do Dragao Day Updated 2015-16 by Tizziano PES 2016 Do Dragao Rainy Updated 2015-16 by Tizziano


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  1. This one isn’t working on my PES… I have Estarlen Silva’s Stadium Pack, I dunno if that is the problem. Anyway, a compatible version would be awesome! It’s an amazing work!

    • works fine…what are you talking about????…if you dont know how to install, ask, dont say it s not working.Just put the cpk in dowload folder, open dptfilelist generator, click on the stadium cpk and regenerate..very easy..and works fine…100000000 per cent!!!

      • well hotshot, I did that and I know how to install .cpk files on my PES! -.- but at the time I commented, I didn’t knew it replaced other stadium with correspondent ID instead of the one I had from Estarlen (but way less detailed). So I said it wasn’t working and it is not! I’m trying to edit the .cpk so it replaces Estádio do Dragão from Estarlen’s Pack. Thanks anyway.