PESMix 2016 Patch V1.0 Full Bundesliga | Released 21/09/2015 Fix 1.1

Download PESMix 2016 Patch V1.0 Full Bundesliga

Description :
– Correct Summers Transfres ( 90% )
– Correct Premier League Teams ( Players , Kits , Logos , Names .. )
– Correct Skybet League Teams ( Players , Kits , Logos , Names .. )
– Correct Ligue NOS Teams ( Players , Kits , Logos , Names .. )
– Correct Bundesliga Teams ( Players , Kits , Logos , Names .. )
– Correct Liga BBVA – Ligue 1 – Ligue 2 – Serie A – Serie B
– Add New HD Pitch By Estarlen Silva
– Correct Algeria National Team
– Add Some Borussia Dortmund Faces & other Few Faces

Fix 1.1 Released 22/09/2015 :
– Fix Manchester United Bugs
– Add more transfers

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Previews :

ImageBam image uploadImageBam image uploadImageBam image uploadImageBam image uploadImageBam image upload

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  1. Can you please list all the transfers completed? Or atleast the ones that aren’t? As you’ve written that they are 90% complete. Thank you.

    • lol i can’t write all list , but don’t worry , all biggest transfer done , and you can suggest a miss transfer , and it will on the next update maybe today

  2. I just want inter milan with fix transfers, in and out and other big team.. can you erase fake face??? there many fake face

    • u must have game installed on : C:\Program Files (x86)\Pro Evolution Soccer 2016
      just install setup.exe
      if u have pes2016 on other drive just move files from C:\Program Files (x86)\Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 to ur game path

      • first you have done great work. after the crash with man united i want to ask you if you can disable the shadow in alianze stadium like the ps4 and xbox one version. i hope you know what i mean because of my english and if you can import a pack of stadiums. thanks!

  3. Just so I am not being crazy. This update is for the ps3 right? I have been looking for hours to find an option file with the kits/transfers etc. People seem to be missing out the little guy on the PS3. If you are able to release an update tonight that would be amazing. Will that just replace the existing link?

    Thanks :)

  4. Since you add faces is it possible to use pes 2015 faces and are they importet in the same way?because i want to make ronaldinho since the transfers aint completed for the brasilian league, he is missing and i think he would have a not a special face.

  5. Dear Editor

    We are grateful for your work . You are resolved with a lot of game experience.

    Sky Bet Championship Queens Park Rangers team up could be improved a little bit? I am thinking of the team missing players and faces of the players .

    If you need help in this átigazolásait team , player or framework regarding another team for up to write to the email address what you need . Collects and sends you a list of real players or transfers of done or even what you need. So you could save time and more time would be left for editing. What do you think?

  6. Wait for loading security code, enter then the code, unclock the link, and wait 5 seconds. Total of 25 seconds of your life to wait for it. Is not much. Making the patch takes hours and days…

  7. Fixed the downloading problem in the end.
    Another problem, the installer is in French and I can’t understand anything.
    Wouldn’t it be better to release the installer in English? Or even better, lose the .exe and just provide the files?

    • thx bro from berlin… what about the playerstatistics for the bundesliga players??.. will u fix it in the next patch ?

    • lol if u have the game on : C:\Program Files (x86)\Pro Evolution Soccer 2016
      just click on next next next finnish and enjoy

      • I have purchased the game on Steam.
        So it isn’t in the directory where ‘torrenters’ have it like you suggested.
        Is there a way to specify where to install to in the installer? (Probably is, but unfortunately it’s in French lol)

        • Just install it and then go into the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 and copy all files in there and paste them into your Steam PES 16 folder

        • If the patch is solid, I’d probably donate via PayPal or something as I know a lot of time goes in to making these.
          I’d much rather do that than sit for 30 minutes going through redirection sites so you can make pennies lol

  8. 1. who cares if you release a bundesliga patch with in accurate attributes? thanks? had to rush? couldn’t complete it then release it?

    2. another guy who uses 200 re direct links to try to make pennies. dweeb.

    “lol i lost my sponsor lol” you also type lol twice in once sentence.

  9. sorry i wont nerv you can you just say if faces importet the same way as in pes 15 i want to import some face by myself and i know how it worked in 15.

    • cuz u havent the game on : C:\Program Files (x86)\Pro Evolution Soccer 2016
      try to move files from : C:\Program Files (x86)\Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 to ur game folder

  10. “You need to have the following volume to continue extraction:D:\PES\Pro Evolution Soccer 2016\PESMix 2016 Patch V1.0 Full Bundesliga.part2.rar”and cannot continue with the extraction for setup.exe…sugestions ?

      • i see but the kits are two years old(2013/2014)! please try to update! (the tuga vicio patch of pes2015 have this kits update at the 2014/2015 season ) and also i checked trapani for example have the same kits (1st-2nd)

  11. in coming updates will u guys update only Transfres and kits ..?? or is there any chance of updating stadiums..? if yes plz add camp nou,santiago bernabeu also….

  12. I install it on D:\Games\Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 and have many errors premier league wrong logos and names, bundesliga wrong logos.

  13. I installed this patch on clean version and in main folder D:\Games\Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 didn’t see any new folders but when i start the game my settings are diffrent than before.

  14. Okay, just installed this in to the C:/ drive then copy pasted all the files under the ‘downloads’ folder in to my version of PES on Steam.
    Looks okay in general, probably the best one around at the moment.
    Unfortunately teams in lower leagues such as the Championship are quite wrong with old kits.
    I think our best bet is to wait for Konami to release their roster update. I understand why lower leagues might not have updated kits though.

    • Also, the fact that so many people are having trouble figuring out how to install it suggests you should probably make the next iteration of this patch just a ‘downloads’ folder/rar that people can extract.

    • are u have the game on : C:\Program Files (x86)\Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 ??? if not move all files from C:\Program Files (x86)\Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 to ur game folder

  15. Thanks, but can u tell us if FC Porto has all the transfers? And it s possible to play without eastern silva s turfs?
    thank you in advance.

  16. Hi, thanks for the great work, much appreciated, especially the bundesliga :)
    In the 2nd english division though, the Milton Keynes Dons’ kits are glitched

  17. WHY u made english divison 2 if we cant play them in Master League , I mean not those shityyy teams like PES League PAs etc

  18. You just added Bundesliga. Kits are still old and transfers not updated at all (Pedro isn’t yet in Chelsea, Cabaye still in PSG whereas he plays now for Crystal Palace).

    • are u have the game on : C:\Program Files (x86)\Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 ??? if not move all files from C:\Program Files (x86)\Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 to ur game folder

  19. Can you add button for turn on/off Pitch By Estarlen Silva??
    The game lag with this pitch, plissss :D
    Other, patch is great, only that

  20. Hi, I have an error when I try to connect to PES2016 server. I installed correctly and move the files to the steam PES 2016 directory. But I cannot play online, its says: Error QIMJ646 :(

  21. come on!!!! are you serious with this DOWNLOAD LINK???? i have to go through 20000000 security codes to download your patch???? No, thank you!! WORST download link i’ve ever seen, seriously!

  22. Transfers:
    T.Cleverley Aston Villa > Everton
    P.Djilobodji Nantes > Chelsea
    Y.Sanogo Aston Villa > Ajax Amsterdam
    S.Distin Everton > Bournemouth
    F.Borini Liverpool > Sunderland
    R.Lambert Liverpool > West Bromwich Albion
    J.Evans Man Utd > West Bromwich Albion
    S.Ameobi Newcastle > Cardiff
    J. Gutierez Newcastle > Deportivo La Coruna
    T.Alderweireld Southampton > Tottenham
    E.Elia Southampton > Feyenoord
    S.Gallagher Southampton > Milton Keynes
    V.Ibarbo AS Roma > Watford
    O.Romeu Valencia > Southampton
    L.Kurzawa AS Monaco > PSG
    Y.Cabaye PSG > Crystal Palace
    W.Sczęsny Arsenal > AS Roma
    C.Atsu Everton > Bournemouth
    You missed Błaszczykowski because he should be in Fiorentina but i cant see him there or even in BVB so i have no idea where he is :P
    Drogba, Gerrard, Pirlo, Lampard, Xavi the should be removed from their clubs

    • You should also remove A.Vidal from Barcelona :P
      You also miss J.Draxler. He should be in Wolfsburg but he is neither there nor in Schalke
      F.Llorente Juventus > Sevilla
      G.Inler Napoli > Leicester
      K.Sigthtorsson Ajax > Nantes
      A.Illaramendi Real Madrid > Real Sociedad
      M.Kovacic Inter > Real Madrid
      Danilo Porto > Real Madrid
      G.Deulofeu Sevilla > Everton

  23. thank you my friend .. best patch yet .. i will wait for the full patch .. i hope it will be soon .. i appreciate your hard work ..

  24. lmao @ people praising this half way done patch with numerous bugs.

    the transfers are not 90% done, more like 30% or less.

    The Bundesliga is pathetically done. Soo rushed. Did you just want to be the first person to release a Bundesliga patch or what? PTE & Galaxy mods are gonna blow this away.

    • i release this for fans , its free , i just try to do favor for ppl , and i will fix all this this week , if u like other patch its ur choice , but i choose to release the patch , and bundesliga all corrected , need just some player rating , so respect our work

    • u must have game on C:\Program Files (x86)\Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 , [ if not u must move files from C:\Program Files (x86)\Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 to ur game folder

  25. Correct Summers Transfres ( 90% )!? our is 10% correct!? or 90% only on bundeslinga!? oh you create Tyton when you have it on Elche CF ;)

  26. hello

    I have installed the game in steam C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ steamapps \ common \ Pro Evolution Soccer 2016. Do I have to go elsewhere to copy the C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 because so we do not working, or I’m doing something wrong. Please, for a solution where I have to download that will work.


  27. Very nice job … i didn’t expect you to make patch like this so early .Although there are some errors, its pretty well done. Can’t wait for the next update.Hope you will release it today … keep it up bro

  28. 1.)International jerseys
    2.)Many new stadiums
    3.)Complete Transfer Updates
    4.)Fully Verified Tournaments with all teams
    5.)More new player faces.
    Please add these in subsequent updates.

  29. Hey :)
    Your patch is really great :)
    you want to give only the 1. Bundesliga or 2nd or 3rd ? :)
    Because Dynamo Dresden were really cool :)

    Otherwise, top work :)

    Greetings from Dresden ( Germany )

  30. Please add:
    1. Real Referee Kit
    2. Real Kit National Team
    3. Unlock 100 Boots
    4. Unlock 51 Balls
    5. Update Transfer In Serie A italia
    6. Correct A subtitution/formation in many club team

  31. rubbish patch. when download keep ask skip wait 5 s enter catched. from pes to personal forum and to personal website. stupid uploaded.waste torn of time.

  32. good morning . Can you please update FC Porto tranfers? like Maxi pereira, Imbula, Layun , Osvaldo please…

    • its not only u need a bit of patience, many of us waited and than download it, he did these adds bc he ve a blog ( I think for PES game) and needs money for keeping it up !

  33. Man need a torrent link ..and i hope this is good and i think you should put a explanation how to install it cause a lot of people dont know how ..

    • I am having the same kind of problem…It says “source file broken” upon extracting, I downloaded the files 2 to 3 times, but all in vain !!! Dear Moderator, please help…

    • BUT all the time GET CRASH when searching for players to buy !!! pls uploader solve this problem and if u make new stadiums will be even great !

  34. do i need to use dffilelist generator? which one do you suggest,,
    nothing change after i move the file from data from C:\Program Files (x86)\Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 to my inst dir,

  35. transfers like glenn johnson liverpool to stoke, viktor moses from stoke to west ham, lampard to mls or free transfer, fix icelandic national team.

  36. please help! i tried to install it but when it’s install i got error “impossible to update the files steam.api.ini” my game is install in the default folder C:\program files x86\pro 2016.can you help me plssss

    • i found the solution go to the folder C:\program files x86\pro 2016. click with the right bouton on the file steam.api.ini and go to properties remove “read only” and apply. retry the installation it’s will be ok

  37. Salem frère,

    Les transferts à l’olympique de Marseille sont-ils effectués ? Merci
    J’aimerai aussi les maillots originaux + prénoms originaux de l’équipe nationale de Tunisie si ça te dérange pas trop.
    Merci d’avance.

  38. Will you people PLEASE use a proper upload site like Mediafire, I just spent 2 minutes wading thru garbage spam ads and STILL haven’t gotten to the download yet, Jesus.

  39. So, I click on setup, install it in c:/programfilesx86/proevolutionsoccer….but no files are unpacked in that location….why is that?

  40. You should probably tell people that the English leagues don’t have all the kits. So they don’t waste their time installing it. Maybe say 80% complete in the description.

  41. Will the Skybet Championship transfers be finished soon?

    Waiting for the league to be complete before I start my master league save with Middlesbrough as I noticed there had not been done any transfers there (Downing, Stuani, De Pena and more still missing from Boro)

    Thanks for the work.

  42. Hey man is this going to work online, i mean with transfers and everything, or when we play online it will stay same? really don’t get how this works, but big cheers for effort!

  43. Sorry dude,

    but look at “Borussia Dortmund”, you made the Player completly wrong. The Player have the wrong Faces in her Playermenue, and they also have wrong streinght, aubameyang has verry low speed for exmaple!

  44. Yo, Its the first time I ever installed anything like that on a PES game and I am loving it!

    But is there anyway to edit the kits myself? I don’t understand how all that works, but I see I can’t edit any of the real teams in-game. Do I need a tool or something like that?

  45. mister PESMix
    if your patch without selector and we can’t disble pitch mod so how to disable it without selector ???? dont put mods if you dont have patch selector !!!!!!!

  46. I can’t use the online with this patch… Wtf? Please you can fix it or what? I have to unistall and install the game again now….

  47. i have installed pesmix 1.0 1.1 1.2 and stadium pack
    my problem now is when i add the correct stadiums to the teams i can not save edit files anymore ??????????

  48. why game crash when i play master league until week 10.
    try to restart game twice but same thing happen again. please fix this. Tq

  49. Please can anybody give me a detailed step by step instruction of how to apply this patch and the fix to my game. I have downloaded all the files i need.


  50. Hallo guys,
    i installed the setup.exe and changed the download folder to PES2016 download folder an the konami save file to the konami folder.

    But the kits and logos are not correct.
    what made i wrong?
    somebodey has a solution?

    kind regards

  51. I have no stem software & Extra graphics card. Can i elogible for running patch? Pes 16 is gone with low quality in my pc