PES 2016 Resolution Changer – Improve Graphics, 4K, 5K Downsampling

Download PES2016 Resolution Changer by BlackRider1993

For Downsampling you need the tool GeDoSaTo and a powerful graphic card. You can try all resolutions but unfortunately Konami does not support some aspect ratios (21:9) and the game crashes .

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    • The game does not support this aspect ratio so it adds black bars.
      It might be possible to change this , but I currently have no idea how.
      Now the only option is to stretch the screenresolution from 16:9 to 16:10, but than the ball will be oval ;)

      If you like that, you have to edit the GeDoSaTo Settings like this:

      presentWidth 2560
      presentHeight 1600
      presentHz 60

      maintainAspectRatio false

      • Thanks for swift response!!! I actually mean 2560×1600 16:10. Up until PES 2014 I used Jenkey’s KitServer to change the aspect ratio. He has dropped out the scene though.

        Keep up the good work :-)

  1. Hi, it doesn’t work,
    when I put an other resolution and launches the game,
    it goes white then black then white then it crashes,
    you know why ? It works only when I put the native resolution. Thanks

    • This happens if you select a resolution which is not supported by the game or your monitor (like aspect ratio 21:9). You need GeDoSaTo if you select a higher resolution than your native resolution.

      • Hi, BlackRider maybe you can help me. I have the same issue as marservant and I cant fix it. Im playing on a Tv and it supports 16:09 and everything up to 1920×1080 is working. But every resolution higher than that is making trouble. The exact same trouble matservant told. And I´m just using 16:09
        Any idea why?

        • the same for me.. i have gtx970 so i have DSR.. doesnt work without gedosato.. doesnt work with gedosato.. crashes everytime i try to do higher resolution than 1080p.. ridicolous that a game in 2015 doesnt support higher resolution than 1080p on pc.. ridicolous.. sry konami