PES 2015 Adboard AIO Pack version 2 by Kenshin Himura

Download PES15 Adboard AIO Pack v.2 by Kenshin Himura PES2015 Adboard Pack v.2 by Kenshin Himura Download Links Adboards AIO Pack v.2 For PES 2015 by Kenshin Himura

New Features :

– Full adboards Barclay Premier League
– Full adboards Skybet Championship
– Full adboards Ligue 1
– Full adboards Ligue 2
– Full adboards Eredivisie
– Full adboards Serie A
– Full adboards Serie B
– Full adboards Liga BBVA
– Full adboards Liga Adelante
– Full adboards Bundesliga
– Full adboards Brasileiro
– Full adboards PD Argentina
– New skin Other adboards
– New style cpk algorithm system
– New style PS4 Global adboards
– Leakproof adboards
– Fix bug adboards competition
(Uefa Champions League, Uefa Eroupa League, Euro 2016, FA Cup, DFB Pokal, FIFA World Cup, etc)
– Indonesia Super League adboards ( special only for Evonesia Patch )
– Sponsors Classic adboards ( special only for Classic Patch )
– J-league adboards ( special only for PTE 5.0 patch )
– etc


Thanks First to : ALLAH S.W.T

Special BIG thanks & Credit to :

ulla maron
Hang u
Evonesia patch 2015
Classic patch
PTE patch

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  1. Hi Kensi: probably it´s amazing…..I´ll tell you the next month if I have finished to download it….can you meke a torrent link,please? regards.

  2. fantastic job Kenshin..!
    Everthings working fine with dLC 4.0..
    I enjoy it..!
    it’s Compatible with stadium pack v3 by esterlen silva..

  3. Kenshin Himura : please upload a torrent (it’s big size please friend) it’s great work by you & I hope it will work online?

  4. 1) You click download, you go for a walk, go to bed, you come back download is done then you create a torrent seed by yourselves
    2) You had a game with boring adboards
    3) You have a game with better adboards now
    4) You stop complaining
    5) You want better ads either you wait for someone else to make them either you work for them yourselves
    6) Enjoy life and respect other people’s efforts
    7) Learn from this

  5. Because my comments deleted ?. They are opinions, not insults.
    Because censor my opinion ?. Can not comment ?.
    Kenshin Himura lie, and I can not say it?. Why?…They are very unfair.

    // admin edit: please respect people’s work and the time they spend to do things.

    • Even if there is some buggs, most of the adboards are correct.! Even if you have a problem concerning the team of Argentina, you cannot say that Kenshin is a is an insult which has no its place here! I agree for moderation and deletion of your comments.

      • jackbrink:
        I do not care what you say, I did not ask opinion to you.
        I downloaded the 3 versions of Kenshin Himura adboards 3 times !! and always says the same … FIX, FIX, FIX, FULL, FULL, FULL ARGENTINA LEAGUE.
        Waste time downloading files giants of adboards of Argentina League are just, dreadful, evil !, are not real and many poorly.
        You say I can not say that Himura Kenshin is a liar ?.
        Yes, Himura Kenshin is a liar because he says he fix adboards and does not.
        And I believe in word of Kenshin Himura and adbaords are wrong again, without fixing.
        I please ask 3 times!!!, 3 times!!! to fix adboards Argentina League.
        Kenshin Himura deceived me and I can not say I lie?
        come on! do not be hypocritical!

  6. hola ya lo probe con pes galaxy 3.01, anda bien pero tuve que descubrir como instalarlo correctamente todos los archivos cpk mas de 10 , mas el non pte que colocaste para poder correr los adboards, sin que mi pes se me crscheara ok. buen trabajo reuniendo estos adboards, para hacer de la experiencia, al jugar pes 2015, sea lo maximo… en simulacion real de lo que es futbol de hoy en dia. gracias.

  7. Full argentina, but I do not tell the full sponsorship argentina ..I just provide a template for argentina, of which I knew sponsor for argentina? I have given the best for all, live your own change it, if you do not like,
    do not use this adboard ..thank’s you ..

    • Kenshin Himura:
      I sent adboards easy to add in Liga Argentina and you do not accept You do not respect Liga Argentina and then asks to be respected?
      I asked him several times to fix League adboards Argentina, you said that fix and not true.
      You steal my time. For the third time I download your adboards and you lie and not fix anything.
      You are a liar and waste the time to people.
      Your adboards not install anymore, I repeat, you do not respect and is a liar.

      // admin: please, wait for others to do it and stop this…

  8. please take out a fix for pte patch6.0 with 4.0 dlc not working adboards me with this new patch before me worked perfectly thanks

  9. bro..gagal mulu gue donlot lewat link yg lo kasih..ada link yg lain ga??
    ato gue tunggu apdetan baru aja deh yg pas sama pte 6 & dlc 4.0

    btw thx bro..keren!!

  10. Gan, kok ane gagal mulu setiap abis ngedit dpfilenya. Patchnya jadi acak-acakan, dlc jadi versi 1 lagi. Btw, ane pake pes galaxy v4.