Pro Evo Modern Soccer 2015 by nesa24 – GameplayPatch for PES2015

Codename GIFT/Dar because GOD is giving me SON as a best GIFT
So this gameplay is GIFT to community.


Download, unpack, copy to PES folder and play.

Changes 1.02 and 1.03:

AI reworked [AI coordination, AI Creativity, AI free ball fight ]
Ball physics fixed issue from v1 with ball movement at some some
Movement Control [ better response on commands, keyboard users also have more control ]
Dynamic gameplay [ overall gameflow changes [in ATT/DEF,referee,positioning…] to make game more interesting ]
other small gamefixes…

To remove gameplay just delete my exe
[PES2015 – Modern – nesa24]


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  1. ¡¡¡wow!!! Really fantastic gameplay.Great players movements and great control with gamepad.I like so much Master..thanks a lot…regards.

  2. Great patch, nsa24! It would be wonderful if someone could address the problem with the too small number of fouls and free kick conceded. And also rework the gameplay and the players’ skills so as to make it possible to play 60 minutes matches with realistic results (not 6-2 or 4-4), just like in real soccer.

  3. Oh god, the gameplay is so great… I prefer it with -1 speed, looks so realistic and immersive holy shit !!!! thanks a lot man, thanks a lot for that

  4. Deleted in 40 matches 1 free kick for me and 5 for ai, in original exe ai have 50 60 free kick ok is good this but same thing for human player this game is not realistic !!!

  5. i remove all stuff of this patch but it not back original gameplay i install another release and it’s the same help!!!