Fix Stadiums v3 PES 2015 by Estarlen Silva

Download Fix Stadiums v3 PES 2015 by Estarlen Silva


Como instalar

Primeiramente voce tem que ter o PackStadiumsV3 , e depois instale este Fix é obrigatório para não haver erros nos estádios .

*Corrige Camp de Mestalla modo Noite/Chuva
*Corrige a Camera do Santiago Bernabéu quando voce faz o gol

How to install:

First you have to have the Pack Stadiums V3, and then install this fix is required to be no errors in the stadiums.

* Fixes Camp de Mestalla mode Night/Rainy
* Corrects the Camera in Santiago Bernabeu when you make the goal .

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  1. hi, can you make also a flexible net bar. you see like in fifa where if you score a goal, the force of the ball forces the net bar to rise at the back like EPL goal posts… can you make that???

  2. I have a problem with Arsenal logo and player names after i imported pack and fix. I have a problem with Qarabag, BATE, Basel, Partizan, Besiktas logos too.

  3. Could you create the .cpk for yhe San Mames Berria Stadium (Bilbao)? It´s the newest and most beautiful stadium in Spain.