PES Next-Gen Editor 2015 v0.9.0 Features:Download PES Next-Gen Editor 2015 v0.9.0

– Search players by nationality (for player’s transfers)
– Import player’s stats from FM 2015
– Search FM 2015 players by names
– Filter FM 2015 player’s search by club
– Filter FM 2015 player’s search by nationality
– Move players in formation with mouse
– Export players in xls format (Excel)
– Change all player’s names in upper, lower or first up format
– Change all teams’s names in upper, lower or first up format
– Change all manager’s names in upper, lower or first up format
– Auto correct classic player’s fake name
– Auto correct team’s fake name
– Added keyborad shortcuts
– General stability improvements
– Reduced loading time (performance improvements)
– Bug fix

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1 – Backup your EDIT.bin
2 – Open EDIT.bin
3 – Do all changes that you want
4 – Save your progress

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  1. Where is the database to import Players from all teams in Hong Kong? Only Europe? Please fix that and make this tool run all the players in the world.

  2. I want to change the photo to coach a team. I can do with this program ?. With that program I can change the photo of a licensed coach team?

  3. Ecxcuse me, can i use this tool or any tool if any, to modify players or transfers in master league file that i have already started?

  4. After i change a national team names in PESGALAXY patch,, the emblem for national team was gone….what the hell just happen??

  5. PES next gen editor can’t rename competion league name from “OTHER EUROPEAN TEAM”. because the competition unavailable in PES next gen editor. can help me please to rename competition league “OTHER EUROPEAN TEAM”. bundesliga 2, i want rename it. please help me

  6. Hi,

    The tool is awesome, congratulations!! Only a request for the next version, is it possible to include in the XLS (Export players) the data TEAM for each player ? (field team-id, team-name) When will the next version ?


  7. I asked the owner of the program, a special program on the Bay
    As we said there sites to modify to play in the example at the site, there is no way to copy playing skills and powers pressing the only button, I want the program to be a splice through the site, you can program the evolution So, these are the idea only, and thank you in advance.


    Je ai demandé au propriétaire du programme, un programme spécial sur la baie
    Comme nous l’avons dit là des sites de modifier à jouer dans l’exemple sur le site, il n’y a pas moyen de copier à jouer les compétences et les pouvoirs pressants le seul bouton, je veux que le programme soit une épissure à travers le site, vous pouvez programmer l’évolution Donc, ce sont l’idée seulement, et nous vous remercions à l’avance.

  8. hi guys does PES Next-Gen Editor 2015 v0.9.0 Features work for PS4 or not? i want to change league/teams logo in PlayStation 4. anyone knows how to do it. i tried but there is no option to change a team logo (Premier league). please help. or if pes 0.9.0.