PES 2015 HD Pitch v2 For All Stadiums by donyavia

Download HD Pitch v2 For All Stadiums by donyavia 1 Download PES 2015 HD Pitch v2 For All Stadiums by donyavia 2
PES2015 HD Pitch v2 For All Stadiums by donyavia PES 2015 HD Pitch Stadiums

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* compatible with stadium pack by estarlen silva

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  1. Thats great. But i dont know why in uefa champions league when i want to play with barcelona or another teams, its not their stadium and it doesnt match..

  2. i have pm_pitchmod installed, do it have to be deleted in DPfilelist or just let it be there, will they conflict between these two mods..?

  3. i use your sweetfx . its great but i found lagging while playing the game any body know why or how to fix it ! plz replay

  4. Why dont you supply us with a decent mediafire link, the rest is trying to install trojans or wants me to become a member, your current link is trying to download hd sky’s

  5. Red pitch bug during rain on Stadiums Pack v2 PES 2015 By Estarlen Silva.
    #01 Estadio do Morumbi – Sao Paulo
    #02 Estadio de Villa Belmiro – Santos
    #03 El Monumental – Buenos Aires
    #04 La Bomvonera – Buenos Aires
    #10 BBVA Arena – Bilbao
    #15 Juventus Stadium – Torino
    #23 Alianz Arena – München
    #36 Konami Stadium – Tokyo
    #37 Saitama Stadium 2002 – Saitama
    And on some occasions when you pick a team and play at home the pitch will be red as well, i think it has to do with a certain pitch type. please fix it donyavia!

    • Edit typo i meant #04 La Bombonera – Buenos Aires still good job on the different pitch variaties, is it possible to add some more variaties is my question?