PES Kopuz 2015 v.0.3 – PES 2015 Patch Released 16 Nov.

Download PES Kopuz 2015 v.0.3

v.0.3: Team errors corrected | takım hataları düzeltildi

Features – Özellikler

– Logo and names license – Logo isim lisansları
– Full tournament logos and names – Tüm turnuvaların logo ve isimleri
– Added League Badges – Lig Kol Logoları Eklendi
– England and Italy (relink of league badge – lig kol logoları relinklendi)
– Premier League + full kits and managers – tam forma ve menejerler
– Championship (full)
– Ligue 1 (full)
– Ligue 2 (full)
– Eredivisie (full)
– Serie A (full)
– Serie B (full)
– Liga BBVA (full)
– Liga Adelante (full)
– Liga Zon Sagres (full)
– Brasileirão (full)
– Licensed of Turkey (kits, players, coach) – Lisanslı Türkiye (formaları oyuncuları ve menejeri ile)
– Restore of Galatasaray kits and squad – Galatasarayın forma ve kadrosu güncellendi
– Later version – Sonraki sürümde
– Added teams – Eklenecek takımlar (Beşiktaş, Fenerbahçe and Trabzonspor)

and other teams kits etc. – ve diğer takımlara forma v.s.

uploaded download

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  1. Use Mediafire to upload, not these pieces of garbage. The first one failed for me now I have to wait an hour to download, the second link just goes via adfly and then to your forum with no download link unless you register and it isn’t in English.

    Sort out this crap!

  2. I have tried the other patches, all the emblems and kits seem like they are very low quality? :S
    So thought I would give this one a try…

  3. HELP !
    I installed the patch but i couldnt go online and pes just started to be slow, the image was stuttering; so i deleted all the files, for the patch and pes; reinstalled pes from steam but i can’t get rid of the patch !!!! how can i uninstall it ???

    • You will need a powerful uninstaller to remove some left over files from the registry, I guess that is why you can’t seem to get rid of the patch. You should use IObit unistaller.

  4. It is amazing how we have no clear instruction on how to uninstall this patch. I don’t mean to be hating on you or your work but I’d like to try out other alternatives and it just seems as I can’t do it without damaging my BAL savegames.

    This is bs. Please, try and provide a tutorial on how to uninstall this.