Konami confirmed the pes 2015 demo release date for november 13 through Valve’s Steam service and through a direct download link.

pes 2015 demo pc release

We are pleased to confirm that the PC Demo for PES 2015 will be released on November 13th through Valve’s Steam service and through a direct download link! Stay tuned for more info as we approach release!

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  1. PES starting to make jokes with us , this is real shit , i can bet that they can’t fix theme bugs inside theme new game . Sorry guys but i think PES will be again the biggest shit in world sport games , they can make only trailers and nothing more , no one will never create some nice and realistic soccer . That’s the truth and nothing more !!!

    We was waiting the full game , and now they say they will released Demo ? Konami please stop lie us , take your trailers and go behind Sibir there you will find a penguins soccer game .

    // You should wait for release and later judge.

  2. What´s the point releasing the demo a day before full game is out????? We´ll never understand the way of Konami thinking