PesJP 2013 Patch Winter Transfer 13/14 by DAusRon


Full updated for 5 big leagues:
– Liga BBVA
– Seria A
– Bundesliga
– Ligue 1 France
13/14 Winter transfers
Updated Relegated/promoted teams for the 5 big leagues
added 3d logo by Genko06 in default switch
added new promoted teams’ kits


#1 Priority:
Update Eredivisie, Portugal League
Update Other Eurpoean Teams

#2 Priority:
Updated 2nd division leagues

#3 Priority:
Update the players’ stats

Download PesJP 2013 Patch Winter Transfer 13/14 by DAusRon

PESEdit Team
Mr RomanTiik

copy all the files into their respective path as shown in this rar package
open ‘ Patch 2013 Launcher’
switch emblem style to ‘default’ (to have correct logos and 3d version)
switch to ‘Matrix’ stats (only Matrix.bin is updated, i have a very little time)
switch emblem style to ‘default’ (to have correct logos and 3d version)
play the game!

– 2013 3.05 + major update 3.09 + gameplay tool update 3.35


uploaded multiupload mediafire

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  1. why cant see any changes ? 3d emblems work in default style , but transfer NO . and thats happen with this and others files ? fuuuu@$@#k

  2. @axaaxa : change to Matrix stats system and emblem style to default in the pesjp launcher…

    @pesfan : mind your words…you’re the bullshit…everything is in the README file!!!!!go fuck yourself on your bed!!!BS!!!

    • DAusRon: why not those who don’t succeed then?
      please make a video of how to update and then upload it to youtube)
      thanks in advance

  3. dausron i know what is readme file and i read it before write hire bitchazz … im tryin more than 1 time b4 wrote here … ha wht u think – and this probs are not only with me – fukc YOU…

  4. @pesfan : ok man let’s settle this…i’m apologize for my words above…
    can you tell me what steps that you’ve done to install this??

    @axaaxa2 : can you tell me the steps that you’ve done too??

  5. 1 step – extracting of all files from your folder PESJP2013 in my folder PESJP2013 and that change the last ones….

    2 – step – change the files in my docs/KONAMI/….. with this ones from your folder – that NEW changes wich you have to do in there….

    choose the MATRIX mode in launcher…
    choose the DEFAULT emblems ….
    start the game – OLD SHITS
    arshavin in arsenal, gervninho too….

    tell me now wht to do ????
    (if i change everyone folder 1 by 1 will be same like to do in 1 time (copy your one PESJP folder in mine game folder and the windows says have same folder to change with this …. YES ) … and now … wht ?

  6. hello everyone if you want this patch work , you must delete edit.bin in my document/konami … and choose matrix stats in the pes jp launcher (run pes jp launcher in admin) ;)

  7. hi DAusRon, Your patch is fantastic, epcially with HD 3d emblems.
    However, can you help me locate the original emblems files (the 3d styles not the default styles)? So can i edit some emblems myself as the original emblems not so beautiful when i switch back my pes launcher to 3d style.