PRO-EVO Editing Studio 2014 v0.3.0.0 by goldorakiller

This tool allow you to edit the PES2014 Option File [OF].

Version : beta “RIP Grandma Edition” (30/12/2013)

uploaded zippyshare multiupload author

– Improve memory use.
– Fix Problem with save and encrypt OF (Update cabry’s dll).
– Fix Problem with save editor preferences.
– Add Support for DLC 3.00 and Game version 1.06.
– Add Countries form (Read only).

Teams Form:
– Add Edit Stadium ID manually.

Players Form:
– Improve Import from PES 2013 player function.
– Add function to “Load Players Appearance and Accessories” in Tool menu.

FIFA 14 Stats Converter form:
– Fix Nationality Import.

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  1. Hello guys, can anybody tell me how to use this software to edit leagues: number of team, name of league & players, stadiums, logos & emblems…etc.
    I wanna chamge chilian league to another south American league with only 16 teams, and change the fake Asian league to Japanese or south corean league.
    Thanks a lot to all of you

    Hola amigos, alguien puede decirme como editar pes 2014 con pro evo editing studio: las ligas, jugadores, logos, estadios…etc. Quiero cambiar la liga chilina a otra liga sudamericana con solo 16 equipos, pero no se como reducer el nobre de los equipos.
    Muchas gracias a todos.