EtErNiTy Patch PES 2013 PS3 CFW

-Sandro Piccinini-commentary-

NB. The Eternity supports only the DLC and sclusivamente 3.0 V1.03 and install it you must first delete the System Data & Data in the Modified folder: GAME -> “Saved Data Ps3” inside your console.
Thanks The Staff


Welcome to the Official page of Eternity © ® PATCH PES 2013 PS3.

Thinking to players of pes 2013 for playstation 3 I thought with my staff to organize ourselves to make a patch that would involve players PS3 CFW bringing many features of the pes for pc even on console.
Were difficult months full of obstacles, in which we have worked the best to complete a job that in the end will result ‘spectacular in the eyes of all the players in PES 2013 for PS3.


– PS3 CFW with any;
Upgrade to 3.0-dlc KONAMI V1.03;
-Having deleted the Modified Data & Data System for PES2013 on your PS3.


FO updated to the latest market session (January 2013);

more of 300 faces and hair redesigned;

put new shoes;

new balls;

FO updated to the latest market session (January 2013);

change all the uniforms of all the leagues in the game;

Adding Serie B Italian. ;

Added new stages slots available on the preview;

Altered stages present with new turf HD;

Submissions banners for all teams;

Scoreboards-Mediaset Premium / sky

adboards for each stage;

change the network ports (pack nets);

Commentary Sandro Piccinini;

HD icons menu pes;

Many choirs original input (HD audio);

changed the game menu with new graphics eternity;

included many graphical improvements for players;

New rain effect in real HD;


uniforms for the entire series B;










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Step 1 deletes the data from your PS3 system & changed data inside the folder “saved data ps3”

pes start until you install the essential things’ you do not end up with the version 3.0 does not go to info-> download package

once you’re back (if you were to DLC 4.0) to 3.0, you can install the patch dlc

Step 2 Extract all files from a PC (except fo) of the various archives. Rar downloaded to your PC and place them, replacing them, those in your Hard Disk (BLES01710 path->-PS3_GAME> USRDIR);

Phase 3Ora missing the “brain of the patch” the FO to install it you just plug it into a USB stick as well as you will find it in archive. RAR. After that when you insert the USB stick into your ps3 will copy the modified data in the folder “PS3 Game Data”

Step 4 Install FIX From the PC open the dt0f.img/dt0c.img with AFS Explorer and import the folders fixate the dt0c/dt0f.img.
You ask ‘to rebuild the file, click it and save the new file on your desktop.
Once finished you say no to everything and replaced with the new file dt0c/dt0f one in your Hard Disk.

And here … that’s it … now try for a while ‘… the commentary this patch will amaze you’ … as the particularity of the details … everything is made from HD.
try to do some match performance … mix a little cards to make better use of everything and discover more about the patch …
You will be amazed …


How to download it?

To be able to download our patch is required a minimum donation of € 4.
Before you make a donation contact dipy privately (PM) telling him that you are making the donation.
A donation made to communicate the email with which you made the donation so that dipy can verify it, if everything went smoothly dipy will issue ‘immediately the download link for MP.

Press LINK below to donate:


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  1. I’m the administrator of pesitaliansupporter, this patch contains a file without authorization, telecroncaca Piccinini.
    We ask that you please delete this trhead thanks.