De Grolsch Veste Stadion PES13 by Abelcast

This is De Grolsch Veste Stadion, home of Twente FC from Holland. Until now, only there was a Pes6 version (sorry but don’t now who did it), but it was the version without the remodelation before 2008…

Now I make some changes…
1-) Starting from the pes6 version, I change the stadium structure doing the new stand like the present remoledation (more or less…I’m not a stadiumaker of course)
2-) I change textures of stands, benches, scoreboard, boxes & fences
3-) Updated the publicity banners
4-) HD Turf
5-) New Sky by Oliver

Copy all the files into your dt07.img folder inside your kitserver. Replaces orione stadium

Before remodelation

After remodelation

Hope you like it

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