PES 2013 Demo – Unlock 50 teams patch by Jenkey1002

Added teams list :

7 classic teams
National : Japan, Korea, France, Spain, Brazil, German, Argentina, Croatia, Egypt
EPL : Arsenal, Chelsea, Man Utd, Man City, Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur
Serie A: Inter,AC Milan, Juventus, Napoli
La Liga : Real, Barca, Valencia
Ligue 1 : Lyon, PSG
Bundesliga : Schalke 04, Bayern
Other European team : Dinamo Zagreb, Celtic, Galatasaray
Brazilian League : Atlético Mineiro, Sao Paulo FC, Cruzeiro , Vasco de Gama
Also 4 system Copa Libertadores teams & 4 national teams.

Patch features :

Stadium pack : use 30 stadiums from PES2012 for PES2013 demo
Enforce image quality : will fix KONAMI’s crash bug when play Match mode, fixed keyboard’s bug, fixed bug for onboard VGA card
Gameplay slider : adjusment gameplay with your opinion
Add more 25 real teams with real kits & faces for all players
6 scoreboards : ingame switchable

Screenshots :

Download : (4 parts – 675mb)

Update fix bug for unlock tool :

Password : jenkey1002
(Extract to PES2013 demo folder, play game via pes2013 – unlock.exe)

Recommended :
If got problem with missing dll, download :

Extract & overwrite old file It will not require dll any more.

Credit :

Master Juce for kitserver sourcecode.
Barcafan for PES2013 UE
PESEDIT patch for kit’s model
Skills_rooney for all balls & scoreboard
Hicksville for ESPN scoreboard
Thanks to all facemaker & kitmaker

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  1. Oh, man …. I’m sorry I missed it … Patch installation is working perfectly …. I just needed to put any files to the main folder of PES 13 DEMO and replace the files …. I had done wrong …
    ¬ ¬
    Sorry Jenkey1002 …..
    Working Perfectly!

  2. To run this patch:
    extract the files


    to PES 2013 MAIN FOLDER

    I know I already have the folder “IMG” game. you should just plumb bad place and replace (select YES if you ask) and Ready.

  3. Works for me 1st time. The 50 team pick 2 things, 1 its great to have 50 teams to pick from but the Computer teams AI is shocking – I even put it up to SUPERSTAR setting and did a game PSG v Spurs. While Spurs ( com team )were attacking the AI was good enough, but defence is all shot to pieces. I could get my keeper to throw the ball out to one of my CB and walk him up to the half way line without a challenge coming in, sometimes no cpu player would come near him other times would come within 5-6 yards but that was it.

    I could walk up to the cpu teams box with total easy, I even passed the ball for my forward but it over hit it, the back 4 all but stood still the ball was nearly at the penalty spot when my forward was on the line of the box. I thought no way was I getting to that ball as the keeper would come and get it, I moved my player after it and got onto it about 6 yards out the keeper never moved to the ball and I poked it past him.

    This was on Superstar … Don’t know why but adding these 50 teams has broken the cpus teams AI. Wasn’t like that with the 25 team patch – Superstar on that was hard.

    Superstar with this 50 team patch – the AI is like Reg-Setting if even that, more so with the defensive side than the attack side of AI.

  4. great patch but the AI have to get fixed otherwise whats the point
    Superstar seems easier than beginner at the moment

  5. Excellent mod for a excellent game demo, very polished. Easy to install. Thank you very much Jenkey. It will keep me playing until the official game release.

  6. I have a problem with the stadiums, when I put default it works, but when I put a stadium it says ”pes 13 stopped working”, pls help me…

  7. super star level is soooo weak it’s like beginner or weaker than that it’s sooo annoying plz fix it plz.
    everything else is working fine

  8. Friends who are having problem starting the game with so screen or black screen or loading screen. I had the same problem. If you have other patched installed, remove it completely. I removed other patches and re-installed PES 2013 demo, then this patch working perfectly without errors. Balls, stadiums and teams available.

  9. i install it and it works but when i choose the match level ,all match levels are easy . and in the unlock configuration i can´t configure beacuse it´s not save. ??????

  10. all i get is a black screen…should i merge the folder or delete original pes13demo img folder?? the unlock config will not merge to pes2013.exe…pls help immediately.. Thanks