Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 : Pass Master

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 : Pass Master

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 : Pass Master

PES 2013

Eurogamer attended the Brazilian first look of PES 2013, along with the press day.

Pro-Active AI
“this time out, it’s more fluid, working to block off potential channels of attack. ”

Dynamic First Touch – PES FC
“Dynamic First Touch is one of the more interesting of the additions, especially when placed in contrast”

Response Defending – PES FC
“Holding down the tackle button harries an opposition player, holding up the play – while double-tapping the same button sends the player lunging in pursuit of the ball”

Player ID
“There’s Iniesta’s deft dribbling and his ability to cut a ball in with alarming precision, Ribery’s turn and Neymar’s general ability to dazzle defences with acts of incredible athleticism.”

“PES 2013 comes across as positively daring, its move towards a brand of flair football promising a game that’s uniquely intoxicating, and one that means that the series could see out this generation the way it saw out the last.”

Full article written by Martin Robinson over at Eurogamer, follow the link.

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