PES 2012 SMoKE Patch 4.7 BLACK by Dido_SMoKE

PES 2012 SMoKE Patch 4.7 BLACK

PES 2012 SMoKE Patch 4.7 BLACK Features :

– includes latest konami data pack (DLC 4.0/EXE 1.06)
– unlocked all extra with max GP points
– disabled blur

– correct leagues names
– bundesliga replaces fake konami league
– correct emblems and league patchs
– more libertadores teams available in all modes
– complete real second division teams replace fake teams choices:
(nPower, Liga adelante, 2.nd Bundesliga, serie B, Ligue 2, Eerste Divisie, Liga Orangina)
– Complete 32 champions league teams
– correct leagues balls

– added 27 new clubs (all available in ML mode) (details)
– added 12 new national teams (cannot be used in BAL mode)
– correct kits in GDB format
– correct logo
– correct and updated squads
– correct map locations (including all 2D teams)
– second division teams are completely modifiable
– correct team ranking ML and BAL
– all teams have correct home stadium names

– revised stats for most players (SMoKE rating system)
– more than 1000 real faces
(+850 in faceserver, 150 in cv0c.img)
– added more than 2000 new players
– correct personal attributes
– removed duplicated and fake players

– correct names for all stadiums
– added 3 stadiums (Etihad stadium, Stamford bridge, Anfield Stadium) with correct preview
– add 20 various stadiums with game stadium editor
– all teams have correct stadium names
– new HD turfs
– new enhanced adboards
– new enhanced banners

– 11 scoreboard style to choose from.
– added and updated all boots (removed fake konami boots)
– added and updated all balls (49 balls)
– includes latest kitserver files (
– updated referee kits
– correct trophies and cups
– real sponsors with logos
– new graphics
– a lot of small enhancements

1. Unrar files
2. run (Setup 4.7.exe) and choose Install
3. follow all installer steps

Known Issues: 
* do not update from konami, the patch include the latest official updates
* recommend removing any previous versions for disk space

* running the game as admin might be required
* some flags doesnt show when choosing a nationality
* starting a new saves is highly recommended due to new system files and stuff

Tested on:
– Windows XP SP2
– Windows XP SP3
– Windows Vista 32/64 bit
– Windows 7 32/64 bit

Download PES 2012 SMoKE Patch 4.7 BLACK :



PES 2012 SMoKE Patch Update 4.7.2 : (16.05.2012)

– fixed Malaysia and Chelsea kits
– fixed Philippine team not showing in ASIA.
– fixed some faces.
– fixed save crash.

* install the full 4.7 before the 4.7.2

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  1. bonsoir et merci,moi j’ai un soucie pour la decompression il me dir erreur crc fichier 1 conrompue merci de m’aider

  2. “No, I was expecting an update with new team FC SAO PAULO bad .. then I saw it was a new patch.”

    It’s possible I use my “SAVE GAME” current (GOLD 4.6.1), this patch?

  3. Update 4.7.2: (install the full 4.7 before the 4.7.2 – 4.7.1 NOT needed)

    – fixed Malaysia and Chelsea kits
    – fixed Philippine team not showing in ASIA.
    – fixed some faces (ibra, fabiano, …
    – fixed save crash.

  4. The Pes2012.exe Got Detected As A Virus by My Avira and i cant play correctly i can ignore it through the options But then after the restart it appears again…Please fix The Problem…

  5. hi
    which one of these full patches are better? PES patch 3.3 or PES 2012 SMoKE Patch 4.7 BLACK or others ? !!! which one should I go with?

  6. for me smokes patch is above all…then i would go for fire patch….3rd is pes patch and jenkeys is very good too…..its a personal opinion though!

  7. Update 4.7.2: (install the full 4.7 before the 4.7.2 – 4.7.1 NOT needed)

    – fixed Malaysia and Chelsea kits
    – fixed Philippine team not showing in ASIA.
    – fixed some faces.
    – fixed save crash.

  8. next time if u can please make lampard face for HD.. or better..because i still not satisfied with face at pes for lampard.. i would like see lampard face at fifa12..but please..i want pes too..hope will do great..

  9. hey dido, some nations doesn’t have any flag event with 4.7.2 patch, you better fix this.
    BTW thanks for the great patch

  10. j’ai toujours mon message d’erreur quand je le dezippe voici le message:echec crc des données compressées dans setup 4.7.D01. le volume est corrompue. aidez moi svp merci!!!!

  11. PES 2012 SMoKE Patch Update 4.7.2 added. (Thank you, Dido_SMoKE)

    // zaporogues – redownload the part that give you error. check file if its complete download.
    // Fajar – update to 4.7.2

  12. well, i have downloaded all the 7 parts and when i was installing the patch, it says it cannot create some kind of face.bin file, please i love your patch and i really want give it a go. please help me!

  13. Cannot create the following file:
    C:\Program Files\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2012\kitserver\GDB\faces\William Jos?PO.$$A

    what’s the solution for this? please help!

  14. Hi, I installed the patch smoke is very good but I live in football does not show some of the international flag modes in Master League and Become legends. You do not know why?

  15. why am i having a problem with installation? i cannot install this patch it says

    Cannot create the following file:
    C:\Program Files\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2012\kitserver\GDB\faces\William Jos?PO.$$A

    please help!

  16. hey, i found something that you need to fix when i go to ac milan ibrahimovic’s face is not full completed and then game crashes.
    this patch is ASEWSOME!!

  17. Hi Smoke, in the ML the language is English but i’m Italian…Where is the problem???PLEASE Help me

  18. Great patch! but there’s a problem with ML,the language i’ve set is italian,but in the ML the language is miscellaneus english/italian and in a “game plan” menu,the “automatic tactics” don’t switch in “manual tactics”.I install the patch in a clean pes2012,following step by step the instruction,please someone help me to fix this problem! and sorry for my english.

  19. Ciao rafa..sono anch’io italiano. Per risolvere il problema della lingua devi andare nel kitserver/smokeblack7/img/e togli tutte le cartelle dt05. Magari salvale non si mai da un’altra parte ma se le togli risolvi tutto :)

    Great patch smoke. Congrats!

  20. i really need this patch!!! but why does it crash at 15% while installing the faces? i have tried many times and it’s same always. do i have to redownload the rar file and which one? please help, anyone!

  21. I took Middlesbrough and started ML. Everytime I click, List of Targets, the game crashes! Please fix such issues. This also happens with a lot of other clubs!

  22. Hey DIDO!

    Looks like really great work, but when I tried to import teams from Smoke patch 4.6.1, the game crashes after a while. It would be great if you somehow managed to fix this..but if not, it’s fine for me too.
    Until then, I’ll stick with Patch 4.6.1…

  23. Hello!!!

    I have a problem, the addboards are not working i have the addboards from pes (deafault addboards) why??? please some help me!!!

  24. why am i having a problem with installation? i cannot install this patch it says

    Cannot create the following file:
    C:\Program Files\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2012\kitserver\GDB\faces\William Jos?PO.$$A

    please help! hey Dido, any answers for this problem?

  25. * if anyone have crash problems:

    – be sure to install the full 4.7 then the update 4.7.2
    – will be better if you remove (or backup-deplace) any other patchs before installing the BLACK patch
    – some reported problems with jenkey tools, (compatibility issues), if so then uninstall the BLACK patch then reinstall it choosing the default patch.
    – if anyone have problems with other languages (not english) then remove this file: dt05_X.img (X = you country letter, E for english, F frensh,I italian,…)
    – if the game wont start, run as admin, if it stills doesnt start (disconnect from internet before starting the game)
    – if you dont get the GP points it means you already have option.bin in your save folder which is the file that contains your settings and the patch do not replace your settings, delete that file then reinstall the full patch and update will give you the SMoKE patch settings file

    @shady, it seems there ius something missing in your system (windows), try this: go to control panel then to languages (or similar) then add (FRENCH) language to your available languages then restart PC, this should fix that problem

    * for detailed support, contact technical support

  26. hey me..when i fnish install all 4.7 and 4.7.2 black patch..the pes2012 has i should do to play as gold patch…??can you give some help..please..

  27. Excellent patch but it still the same old jersey for Portugal,England,Ukraine,France & a couple of teams

  28. IH54N…How you instal it..why when i fnish install..d pes2012.exe missing…after download all d 4.7 n 4.7.2 patch..what should do because if install…d pes2012.exe missing..n cannot play..can you help me..

  29. yup..i install using default..then d pes 2012.exe missing..can anyone tell after we donload..we should do what??remove the patch before..??because before this i use the 4.6 gold patch…help me…

  30. I have this Problem ” Windows cannot access the specified path or file , you may not have the appropriate permission to access the item

  31. guys…
    help mee
    i got a problem here
    after i installed the patch
    the setting wont detect my graphic card
    im using nvidia gforce 635m..

  32. there are no virus, some antivirus program faultily detects the game exe as virus, it is not (scanned by KIS and NOD), add it to the exclusions and dont let the antivirus deletes it.

  33. Dido : I have this Problem ” Windows cannot access the specified path or file , you may not have the appropriate permission to access the item “

  34. Hey bros! Here are your fixes.

    1. Any Virus detection is a false positive! Even my AVG IS 2012 Okays it!
    So turn off anti-virus first if necessary.

    2. No need to convert D01 to exe. There should be two files in the folder. please ‘right-click’ and ‘run as administrator’

    @Chabest, its optimus at work. Just click the square nvidia icon on your taskbar, then customize which programs that use GPU. Go into global and set Nvidia GPU as preferred (This DRINKS your battery when you are not plugged in – If laptop of course). Restart your computer and check settings again. I advice when you are done, you should set it back to auto-detect.

  35. GuYs please some one helpppppp me i got this problem every time i open the game i didn’t have this problem when i was running on pes pach gold 4.6 after i installed the black patch it didn’t work it always give me this error” Windows cannot access the specified path or file , you may not have the appropriate permission to access the item “

  36. @zeru, file is not missing, be sure the antivirus does not bloc it
    @Mario, when does this message come to u?
    @imad, why convert? in the rar files you will find the d01 and the install file, lazem to extact them in the same place

    – this may help:
    if the installer hang during installation do this:
    go control panel and add french to you languages, dont know why but it solve this problem with some systems

  37. @dido , after i had installed the patch …tried to open the game it shows me this message. but before that i was running pes smoke GOld 4.6 patch and it was running easily no problems ! …I don’t know why …aboos edak ana te3ept 3shaan anazelha ! :D

  38. hi, i just installed ur smoke patch black, i noticed that when im using chelsea team, the kits looks like have two colours at the back which is blue on the left and white on the right shirt like an old blackburn jersey but when i open in program files in GDB folder, there is nothing wrong with the chelsea kits design, could u fix it? i dont know if that thing just happen to me.. and how can i get a real player line up in football live master league?

  39. hey, Dido, thanks for your advice. actually i have tried adding french to the language in the control panel, but the problem is the same! any other ways to solve this problem?

    Cannot create the following file:
    C:\Program Files\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2012\kitserver\GDB\faces\William Jos?PO.$$A


  40. your problem is that your system cannot identify the letter (é), this file is not important but it would halt your installation, find any way to enable (é) in your system and you will not find any problems after that

  41. can someone help me with my prob please
    i cant find it on the net how to solve it
    my pes wont detect my graphic card….

  42. ChaBeast bro,

    try run pes by right click on the pes.icon(shortcut/exe file),than choose your graphic card.I dont know whether your problem same just like mine.if your using W7,shouldn’t be any problem.

  43. hey dido , why does the libertadores 2012 is wrong , i mean that are the samee teams than the last one , is like theres no update but in the press any botton screen it says dlc 4.00 and patch 1.6 or soemthing

    could you help me?

  44. to jackbrink
    my graphic card is nvidia geforce 635m
    its impossible that it isnt supporting pixel shader
    this thing happens after i installed the patch
    before i install the patch, it works fine
    n now i cant beat my friend in pes
    but of course i didnt blame the patch
    before this, i tried to install patch and it went wrong
    saying im not installing the game
    btw, im using w7 64bit

    to mr.tawi
    i’ve already uninstall it n i’m too lazy to install it back
    maybe later i’ll try it

  45. what i mean is the official patch,
    n yeah
    it didnt work out
    i cant update my version, still stick to 1.01..

  46. Hey ChaBeast i experienced the same thing too. I have Nvdia GeForce 525M (some optimus technology thing). Bfore i installed the patch, it was able to read the Nvdia, now it can’t!

    Anyone has solution to this? I mean his patch is very good, the only thing i dont like about is my unrecognized graphic card

  47. to Wthdude
    i dont really know the solution
    but i tried mr.tawi’s solution and it works!
    now i can play it back

    mr.tawi, thanx dude!

  48. hey Dido,

    I’m having problem when launching the game, a pop up window says “cannot load library d3dx9_30.dll”. what is it about?

    please help me

  49. when iam playing in serie a with napoli in San paolo the staduim its not real its other stadium not san paolo its full different why ?

  50. ok it’s fine now! my problem is just caused by the inapproppriate directx package.

    great patch though!

  51. Hey i have a problem with the goal net. on the net are the logo off the Logos of the Teams und that ist stupid. we can i this delete?

  52. i have a problem with stamfored contains a lot of missing textures and does not look as solid as the other stadiums and the pitch is too plain and not green. i dont know why this happened even though the patch installed correctly.

  53. i’ve problem… i’m run as administrator but the game not start…
    “you don’t have the permission to run the game”
    i’ve installed 4.7.2 + update as the first patch of the game

    any solutions?? thanks

  54. Nice patch, the best. The only thing is when we try to edit some player’s hair, and try to default, it became bald. Can you fix this thanks

  55. i’ve resolved the problem… (it’s the antivirus) and also i’ve seen so much trouble… the italian traslation it’s for 50% of game (in master league it’s english not italian)
    and another little error is RUUD Gullit in NEDERLAND Classic it’s white man not black…..

    so when the next fixes patch??

  56. whenever i edit the 2nd division, for example the Npower league, it creates duplicates of some of the libertadores teams n the Npower league in the “Other European” group…how do i fix this?

  57. after i install da path n teh update da game still crashes weneva i play exhibition or any other thing there. it crashes on ML wen i bout to check da squad list

  58. hi dido,
    i like your patch and i think your patch is the best,but it will be better if there are national antem for new national team include Indonesia, and fix all the players of new national team,thank you so much dido if you want to do :) im so satisfied with your patch :)

  59. cannot install,Pro Evolution soccer 2012 was not found in the install directory ,cosa devo fare per installare questa pach…mi dite per cortesia quale director necessita per windows seven 7 ?

  60. i want to play La liga with Celta (2 spanish league) but i can´t change La Liga configuration (edit section), can´t replace another team and place Celta

  61. Hi,
    I installed 4.7 smoke patch after which I lost Pes.exe so I cant run the game… WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF…. How can I run it now… This patch has no exe file.. Please help….