Pro-Evo-Pes 2012 Patch 1.6

Compatible with Konami DLC 1.0 and Konami Patch 1.02

Added in this version:

* Fixed all kits (including Champions League kits)
* New 81 Boot-pack v2.1 by Ron69 with HD boots and previews
* Fixed some small bugs and crushes
* 20 New faces

2nd Divisions available and completed now:

* Npower Championship
* 2.Bundesliga
* Liga Adelante
* Serie Bwin

Other Features:

– Apoel and Bate Borisov completed
– Added and compleated Bundesliga including player stats
– All teams licensed
– All transfers updated
– 31 teams in Champions League Mode
– New faces
– Electonic Adboards
– HD calendar
– Original Sponsors
– New supporter banners for all teams
– Original Referee kits
– 3D grass
– Manager faces
(Pep Guardiola, Kenny Dalglish, Sir Alex Ferguson, Arsen Wenger, Jose Murinho, Roberto Mancini)
– Added new and more In-game edit stadiums
– 44 ball-pack
– Easier league switch (only one programs)


1. Unninstall any previous patches
2. Install the “Pro-Evo-Pes 2012 Patch 1.6 Installer”
3. Install the “O.F. Installer”
4. Run “Pro-Evo-Pes.exe”, chose a 2nd Division
5. Enjoy your game

Pro-Evo-Pes Edit Team:

– bojanzvezdak

– marekhamsik

Credits: – PupaPowlo (bhos0344) with who we created together the Npower Championship 24 teams
and also helped creating the 2nd Division switch, Ron 69, zioborgo, onny, pesrevolution.
– All face and kit makers

DOWNLOAD Pro-Evo-Pes 2012 Patch 1.6:

filesonic download filesonic download
filepost download filepost download

DOWNLOAD Pro-Evo-Pes 2012 Patch FIX 1.6.1:

filesonic download filepost download

– Fixes Southampton , West Ham United and Portsmouth FC logos and kits.

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  1. @ben , well yes it’s sort of “continuation” , but you must delete that patch in order for this patch to work , because otherwise the staff that were wrong in patch 1.5 won;t be fixed (for example the Champions League kits).

  2. @ pro evo pes the logo’s of da championship teams r not proper evn after installing the fix!!..n buddy do sumthing fo stadiums n scoreboards..

  3. @psyco_freak Installation:

    1. Unninstall any previous patches
    2. Install the “Pro-Evo-Pes 2012 Patch 1.6 Installer” to your pes 2012 folder
    3. Install the “O.F. Installer” to Documets -> KONAMI -> Pro Evolution Soccer 2012
    4. Run “Pro-Evo-Pes.exe”, chose a 2nd Division
    and this patch doesn’t contain kitserver 12.1 because it was released sooner than kitserver 12.1

  4. ML crashes every time and some players nationals are default. I followed the ins. agaian, but same thing happened. Help :(

  5. so i have to uninstall the patch 1.5 ..?
    whether the patch is complete all of the stadium?
    how do I keep so I can add FACE PATCH into the version 1.6?
    how to install 1.6.1 fix?

  6. You can add faces and yes there’s a kitserver folder to add faces , to uninstall the previous patch just delete the kitserver from your pes 2012 folder , install the fix to your pes 2012 folder and @alex No Steaua Bucurest is not in. TNQ all

  7. hello how i can uninstall the patch , and i don’t have any patch by so pls help i don’t know any thing about patch my pes2012 dvd pc???????????????????????????????????????????????????

  8. @rowad Dowload and extract the patch (Pro-Evo-Pes 2012 1.6 Patch) install the “Pro-Evo-Pes 2012 Patch 1.6 Installer” in your pes 2012 folder ( example C:\Program Files\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 )
    Install the “O.F. Installer” in Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2012
    Run “Pro-Evo-Pes.exe”, chose a 2nd Division and enjoy your game

  9. this is my first time install a patch on my pes 2012. do i have to install any previous patch?. can i add stadium pack with your patch. i hope my game won’t crash if i use your patch. i’ll be more than happy 2 use your patch

  10. @femi Install the fix to your pes 2012 folder (example C:\Program Files\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2012) , and to select the stadium go to Edit (in the game) -> Edit Team , select the team your playing with in Master League -> Home Ground and select the Emirates Stadium

  11. @Pro-Evo-Pes: Which team misses from CL and is this patch has the real Emirates stadium or is it from in game editor?? Thanx

  12. there are many bug……….5minute in edit and crash, pescara with immobile in defence, many shoes and color are random not actual

    i’m sorry but this patch is not for me

  13. please help me i dont know what to do :( i install the patch and i had put it on my usb and when i plug the usb on the ps3 and i go to the saved data utility and then on my usb it says that is ”corrupted data” please help me what to do!

  14. There are too many crasch, especially the series bwin, and more.
    not just when it seems only just to complain at least from what I read.
    Repaired as soon as possible and check them before putting them on the net.

  15. There are too many crasch, especially the series bwin, and more.
    when it seems they are not the only one to complain at least from what I read.
    Repaired as soon as possible and check them before putting them on the net.

  16. quando ta jogando ML, ai vai disputar UEFA ou CHAMPIONS LEAGUE os uniformes estao totalmentes errados… tem que corrigir!
    ML when you’re playing, there will play UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE or uniforms are TOTALLY wrong … have to fix!

  17. Very nice patch but it disspappointed me the fact that it was crashing when I took Greek teams (Olympiakos and AEK)
    PLZ fix it,I really want to have a perfect patch
    keep up the Good work :)

  18. after I score a goal game crashes,it says the instruction at “0x04ba855a referenced memory at “0xffffffff”.
    The memory could not be “read”.

    Help me please!

  19. PLS help when i download the new patch (1.6) it keeps on saying next volume is required ….. i have 1.4 but from now then it keeps on becoming like this i need your help!!!!!!

  20. hola quisiera saber como hago para desbloquear las funciones 3d que aparecen en la configuracion de la pantalla del pes 2012 para ps3