PES 2012 SMoKE Patch 4.0 GOLD

PES 2012 SMoKE Patch 4.0 GOLD

PES 2012 SMoKE Patch GOLD 4.0 Features :

– Correct Names for everything.
– Correct emblems and flags for all teams.
– Bundesliga replaces PES league fake teams.
– nPower or Liga adelante or 2.nd Bundesliga teams replaces fake league and teams in 2D league. (there are issues i know but will be finished soon)
– No duplicated players.
– Updated transfers.
– Compatible with DLC 1.1
– Unlocked all extras and max GP points.
– Added new balls.
– Added new boots.
– Updated some incorrect kits.
– Special Chants for some teams.
– 11 scoreboard styles to choose from.
– Complete 32 champions league teams.
– And much more…

Installation :

1. Unrar files.
2. run (Setup 4.0.exe) and choose Install.
3. choose a scoreboard style and second division league.
4. enjoy the game :=).

Download GOLD installer (Full 4.0) :

filesonic download filesonic download
wupload download wupload download

Download GOLD installer Upgrade from 4.0 to 4.1 : (new 10.11.2011)

filesonic download wupload download

Download GOLD installer Upgrade from 4.0 to 4.1 : (new 15.11.2011)

filesonic download wupload download

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  1. hey are the prices in master league for buying and selling players correct,not 10 millions for c.ronaldo for example

  2. why when I always donwload the file icon is windows media player?is there problem I use windows vista?help me please :(

    // it’s your windows. right click and open file with winrar.

  3. tengo un problema, instale el parche y todo pero al entrar al hacer clik en el pes 2012 no entra D: no se porque :C por favor ayudenme

  4. hi after installing this patch my player in BAL mode now chases everything even if its nowhere near him or to him, when before it didnt.
    is this fixed in 4.1?
    i am not using a legit copy of the game as i like to test the game to see if patches etc.. work fine b4 purchasing.
    please dont reply saying ‘go purchase a real copy’ as i will be if i can get patches to work properly.

    i did have a different patch before finding out smoke did 1 for pes2012 which didnt have this problem.
    i liked smokes patch for 2011 which is why i wouldl ike to get this patch working properly.
    also i have a problem when shooting, when i shoot right it goes left or down the middle vice versa for when i try shooting left. i am using motionjoy DS3 program as i am using my ps3 controller, never had this problem with pes2011 or pes2010.

    hope some1 can help me sort this out :)

  5. hey UKUser, the exe used in the patch is konamis official 1.2
    the BAL player motion and the controller should not be changed, nobody reported this before as far as i know, be sure of your controller settings in windows control panel (devices properties)

  6. is this patch have new stadions,i install patch for first time in my life so can u describe me step by step how i must instal.TYVM

  7. Hi guys! how to make this work on mac since it’s an .exe file ? Does anybody knows how to install a patch for pes on macbook ? help ASAP!

  8. Just a quick question. After i apply this patch, will I have to start a new Master League session or will the updates be applied my existing Master league save?

  9. @NVM: of course you have to start a new master league!

    @smoke: hey man, i just played with Portsmouth and they wear Munich 1860 Tshirt or Hoffenheim, wtf?

  10. man, your creation is good but please make the name to all capital (capslock) like the original, for example Chelsea FC to CHELSEA FC, and the name of the player to, fabregas to CESC FABREGAS, capslock make the words look good, thanks

  11. i download it and aslo download 4.1 and 4.1.1 and made choose setup and install , i made everything but when i run the game , appear ( Pro Evolution Soccer has stopped working ) !!!!!!!!!? what can i do !!!? by the way i use the exe used in the patch is konamis official 1.2 , any solution ??

  12. i setup the game again and made all of what u said like not using any external exe and also run as admin but the same problem no change !!!? HELP PLZ

  13. try deactivate the anti virus; some anti virus programs might lock the game as in suspicious virus
    the patch tested successfully using NOD and KIS

  14. still the same problem !? thats what come for me ( Pro Evolution Soccer has stopped working )

    Problem signature:
    Problem Event Name:BEX
    Application Name:pes2012.exe
    Application Version:
    Application Timestamp:4e9fb58b
    Fault Module Name:kload.DLL
    Fault Module Version:
    Fault Module Timestamp:4eb8ce63
    Exception Offset:0001b9fd
    Exception Code:c0000417
    Exception Data:00000000
    OS Version:6.1.7600.
    Locale ID:3073
    Additional Information 1:afed
    Additional Information 2:afed0c7d8c570e79451399f4476c0bde
    Additional Information 3:f218
    Additional Information 4:f21868eb99b9d61e7e528cf1bb803646

  15. Great patch but i,m having a really annoying program. I use the npower championship sides and when you look at them in edit mode there are 2 big problems NEITHER THE EMBLEMS NOR THE SQUADS ARE CORRECT FOR ANY OF THE TEAMS.. EMBLEMS JUST HAS A BLANK (similar to eng flag) and names are for a different teams BUT the KITS ARE CORRECT

    tried to sort this using pesEDIT tool but it will not change the emblems although the team squads ARE CORRECT

    help please… thx

  16. i have the same problem as all of the user that use the gold patch 4.0..
    i hope that your side can fix this bugs asap..
    really appreciate that your team can reply to me..
    thank you..

    Yours truly,
    Wan Afiq

  17. I’ve started new cup – WORLD CUP. I’ve chosen 4 teams to play – Brazil, Argentina,Spain, Ivory Cosat. the problem is with IVORY COAST, when you want to play for example exibition by Ivory Coast, and you confirm that team, game is shutting down with error.”Program does not respond”

    Please! check it

    Instead this, patch is amazing! thanks!

  18. When trying to install the patch asking for a directory can’t understand which directory to give and when i try to install it it shows
    -Can’t install ,Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 was not found in the directory