Classic Faces Golden Pack 2 is my second official facepack. This brilliant pack consists of 6 classic football faces. I dedicate this pack to faithful fans of Classic Football and El Grande Patch 2011. Hope to enjoy my pack and God bless you all.

List of Faces:
Ubaldo Fillol:The legendary goalkeeper who help Argentina very much to reach the 1978 World Cup Trophy. Fillol nicknamed El Pato (“The Duck”smiley. He took part of 1974, (where he won the championship with his team and was voted Best Goalkeeper) and 1982 World Cups representing his country

Ricardo Zamora: The Spain legendary goalkeeper. Zamora, nicknamed El Divino, was noted for wearing a cloth cap and a white polo-neck jumper of the field, a look later copied by several of his contemporaries. He claimed it was to protect him from both the sun and his opponents. He was also noted for his bravery

Djalma Santos: The legendary CB and SB. Santos started for the Brazil national team in four World Cups, winning two, in 1958 and 1962. Santos is considered to be one of the greatest right-backs of all time. While primarily known for his defensive skills, he often ventured upfield and displayed some impressive lattacking skil

Giuseppe Meazza: Also known as il “Balilla”, Peppin in the Milanese dialect, and sometimes just Pepp, was an Italian CF and WF. He led Italy to win two World Cups: in 1934 and in 1938, winning the Golden Ball (an award given to the best player at each FIFA World Cup finals) in 1934. He is widely considered the best player of his generation, and one of the greatest of all time. He has been ranked fourth best player in the history of World Cup

Guillermo Stabile: The legendary Argentinian striker. He was the top-scorer of the first 1930 World Cup

Angelo Schiavio: The brilliant Italian striker. He won the 1934 FIFA World Cup with Italy. He made his name as a striker who often used physical force to score goals

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