This Patch contains fixes from all previous corrective patches.

* Online Mode connectivity issues have been improved through changes made to the disconnection process.

In order to update your copy of Pro Evolution Soccer 2011, please obtain the update file.


There are separate update files for the DVD Version and the Download Version. Please make sure to select the correct file, and please note that you will need to close “Pro Evolution Soccer 2011” before applying the update file.

DVD Version Update File:

Download Version Update File:

* PES 2011 patch 1.03 is released and you can’t play online without installing it. Kitserver is not yet working with this version of PES, for patches use AFS Explorer import way or Megalink for PES2011 by EPT (should work) untill new Kitserver is out… be patient.

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  1. Yeah and now many noobs will start writing posts like this: ‘crac plz’ or ‘I need crack, please give me download link’ ;D

    You have to wait! There’s no other option! 2 or 3 days like we have waited the last time.

  2. NO DVD 1.03

  3. U should know that Konami’s patches don’t change gameplay.
    It fixes (probably) multiplayer code and maybe some graphics bugs.
    If U wanted to changing shot/pass system U would be disapointed. Just like me ;)

  4. Bonjour,chez moi le no dvd ne marche pas j’ai un message qui me dit”Aucune installation de Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 n’a été trouvée.Veuillez le réinstaller puis réesayer l’installation de Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 patch 1.03″Quelqu’un aurait une solution a me proposé,merci(je suis sous windows7)

  5. After i install this patch, the kits become wrong,
    i thought the problem must be the kitserver,
    so i check the kitserver and it’s unattached,
    so i attached it again, but after that my PES 2011 won’t open,
    it crashed,

    any solution to this problem?

  6. yes. The patch is new but kitserver is old :)
    U have to wait for releasing a new Kitserver.
    Patch 1.3 is not workin with older kits.

  7. this patch succes to instal,, but can`t use…bla bla bla a valid serial is essential….i no understand…my game can’t play.. pliz,, help me…

  8. Razib i forgot to thank u!Good job! your patch is wondefull……..! The problem was with the dll. so i downloaded it and everything is ok now! do you now how can i put new faces in the game?

  9. hi, I hv the real DVD for the game PES2011 but I used a nocd instead of inserting the disk everytime, now my version is 1.02 but i want to update to newest 1.03, which file should I download? dvd pack or download version?

    please help me with that. Thanks!

  10. Hi! I download patch 1.03 installed it and when open the game is again the last version 1.01 that i had. What i have to do? Please help me!!

  11. I download patch 1.03 installed it and when open the game is again the last version 1.00 that i had. What i have to do? Please help me!!

  12. i can ‘t install patch 1.03 . i want play online .. what can i do ? ( the upgrape cannot be installl by the windowns ) ..why

  13. Hello everyone, I’m John Champion. Why if I playing Master league in PES 2011 v1.03 with patch 4.0 always crash? is there anyone know this problem? Thanks.