PES 2011 DLC 2.00

12/2010 Data Pack Update:

– The Latest Team Strips
– The Latest Boots (Updates will also be made to the players wearing them)

New boots from Konami DLC update :

– adiPURE_IV_TRX_FG2 PES 2011
– adiPure IV White
– F50 adizero GreenPink
– Predator_X Elecerity
– PowerCat1.10
– Umbro_gt_black
– v1.10 Parachute
– umbro_gt_white
– WaveIgnitus PES 2011
– WaveSuperSonic2


For Windows XP copy dt0f.img in :

C:\Documents and Settings\All USers\Application Data\Konami\Pro Evolution Soccer 2011\download

For Vista / Windows 7 copy dt0f.img in :

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  1. i use xp..but when i put that file according to you..its not happening..then i put in img folder(pes 2011 folder)..its work…but my patch in mess..i use tribal world patch..and all my championship player name back 2 default D2 player..can someone help me..

  2. can someone tell me step by step how to install this patch? coz i got the disc format, not img using wondow 7..sorry if i ask such a stupid question coz im not a computer expert..TY

  3. i’ve copied the dtof to C:\Program Files\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2011\img but nothing happened..why?? am i installed it correctly?

  4. i’ve install it but now arsenal kit become a suck kit..why?? and bebe from M.U name has been changed to sirikael..why????????????? (tension)

  5. @sean
    click start menu->computer->organize(can be on the left top corner)->folder and search option->view->mark the “show hidden file,folder and drive”..done..

  6. fucking patch!!!! i have the same problem… arsenal kits changed!! is same way, how to change it? i was so angry, that i reinstall my game and now, if i give there the same kitserver, so i have not 60 boots and names of players are big font and before use this patch it was small…. vrrrrrrr!!!! :-((

  7. anyone please help me? i have installed my patch version 1.02,but it doesn’t work.. after installation, the setup say that the upgrade patch cannot be installed by the windows installer service because the program to be upgraded may be missing, or the upgrade patch may update a different version of the program. it suggest me to verify that the program to be upgraded exists on my computer or not..anyway,i use windows 7, please help me on how to verify these.. thank you…

  8. for windows 7 its work…. u have to create new folder n rename it as KONAMI and so on… then place dt0f.img in there… start ur game…. ur save wouldnt be mess up…. cheers…

  9. why my data pack version 1.01 cannot be install????it have complete downloading 100% but the installation was failed?????please help me….

  10. why my data pack version 1.01 cannot be install????it have complete downloading 100% but the installation was failed?????please help me….

  11. u should have the official version of pes2012 to update in-game…that means u have a copy…!all u have to do is to follow the instructions posted on the upside of this site!

  12. the instructions for installing the data pacj for windows 7 isnt clear can someone just explain it here? there’s no konami folder and if i am to create where do i create it. thanks