News in patch:

-Update new squad Malaysia in November
-New kits for Malaysia
-Faces all players in Malaysia new


1.copy kitserver ke dalam folder games pes2011,

path: “C:\Program Files\Konami\Pro Evolution Soccer 2011”

2.Enter kitserver,open manager-choose game executable(pes2011)-attach-wait untill sucess

3.Copy folder Konami and paste into Documents,
path: “Libraries\Documents”


CrEdIts: Pes-1malaysia

Compatible with pesedit 0.4


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  1. Lepas download…

    Arahan Untuk Install:

    1.copy kitserver ke dalam folder games pes2011,

    contoh: “C:\Program Files\Konami\Pro Evolution Soccer 2011”

    2.Masuk ke dalam kitserver,buka manager-pilih game executable(pes2011)-tekan attach-tunggu sampai keluar sucess

    3.Copy folder Konami dan paste ke dalam Documents,
    contoh : “Libraries\Documents”

    Dalam documents ada doh folder konami cuma mu replace je folder konami yg mu download drpd patch aq…

    yup,Compatible dgn pesedit 0.4…x caya try lah…hehe…

  2. Patch are compatible with pesedit 0.4.. some malaysia player have big head size and neck lenght, plz fix it cause its look weird.. malaysia jersey long sleeve need more touch up on inner colour and design, malaysia jersey emblem to bulky.. but overall, still good add-on patch with pesedit patch.. Malaysia boleh!!! Allready revenge for malaysia .. Mas 2 – Jpn 1 in top player.. hahaha… juz kidding.. Malaysia Boleh!!!

  3. bez siot……… ada team malaysia dlm pes aku… hahahaha…
    yg aku plek… kaut sangat team malaysia dlm nie.. smpai kan lawan brazil pun aku blh menang.. hahahaa

  4. peh! ada gak yg rajin nk wat team malaysia… bgs2, wpun byk lg leh improve, ok la dr xde… nk tgk improvement cmne lak dlm v1.1 or perhaps v1.0.1 ke? hehehe

    pd whores2 yg nk bitching kat sini, xyah nk kondem mcm2… ada org nk wat dh kira bgs…

    x suka, lu keluar dari malaysia!!! eh silap, x suka, lu main team china!!!