[PES 2011 PS3] DES OptionFile PES 2011 by Abstruso

[PES 2011 PS3] DES OptionFile PES 2011 by Abstruso

DES OptionFile PES 2011 by Abstruso



* All clubs licensed.
* No fake players and teams
* Shirtstyles and kits for all teams, even the classic national teams
* 36 new teams!
* Complete Bundesliga
* Complete Super League
* 4 missing CL-Teams
* 7 All-Star Teams
* A few international transfers

Instructions and Updatefiles for Imported PES 2010 data included!

Credits to

JackWhoBRA for his fantastic PES 2011 Kit Pack

husher for the Bundesligastyles

¢Ħλ®₤ỉξ-[14] for all the CL-kits

Vixon03, Özil, umbroboy, Venado, Santi Argento

and all other providers of good kit-pngs

jay-jay10, The_other_Bomber, McKing & RoboNiklas93 for the Bundesliga

LeónDragón for the 4 missing CL-Teams and some ingame faces

Homer S. for the complete hairstyles and some new scan faces

Skontra1988 for the corrected Classic Nationalteams

zick for all other unlockables

Special Credits to:

Garte & Blochin for the entire Axpo Super League

Info: missing emblems for 3 new CL-teams, too less slots! after fresh DLCs, our rosters stay 99% intact, but the numbers of all our players in the two custom leagues and their nationalities will be reseted by Konami. This first version is only 100% compatible with the unpatched Konami Roster!
coming soon:

100% compatible edit-data for DLC 1.0 Konami Roster

ultimate chantpack by Skontra1988

Master League Add-On with complete german second league

some Stadiums, more scan- and ingame faces

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