DES OptionFile PES 2011 by Abstruso



* All clubs licensed.
* No fake players and teams
* Shirtstyles and kits for all teams, even the classic national teams
* 36 new teams!
* Complete Bundesliga
* Complete Super League
* 4 missing CL-Teams
* 7 All-Star Teams
* A few international transfers

Instructions and Updatefiles for Imported PES 2010 data included!

Credits to

JackWhoBRA for his fantastic PES 2011 Kit Pack

husher for the Bundesligastyles

¢Ħλ®₤ỉξ-[14] for all the CL-kits

Vixon03, Özil, umbroboy, Venado, Santi Argento

and all other providers of good kit-pngs

jay-jay10, The_other_Bomber, McKing & RoboNiklas93 for the Bundesliga

LeónDragón for the 4 missing CL-Teams and some ingame faces

Homer S. for the complete hairstyles and some new scan faces

Skontra1988 for the corrected Classic Nationalteams

zick for all other unlockables

Special Credits to:

Garte & Blochin for the entire Axpo Super League

Info: missing emblems for 3 new CL-teams, too less slots! after fresh DLCs, our rosters stay 99% intact, but the numbers of all our players in the two custom leagues and their nationalities will be reseted by Konami. This first version is only 100% compatible with the unpatched Konami Roster!
coming soon:

100% compatible edit-data for DLC 1.0 Konami Roster

ultimate chantpack by Skontra1988

Master League Add-On with complete german second league

some Stadiums, more scan- and ingame faces

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  1. Hi, I have a question, is this version compatible with the AMERICAN VERISON of the game?
    I’m in México and I cann’t find an Option File for my version.

    Thanks in regards!!

  2. Hey i’m from holland and have question. Bundesliga are there
    the real players (With real Faces) in it with some player like van Nistelrooy, Raúl and Zé Roberto and someone else. Because i’ve made the Bundesliga by my self and don’t wanna do again. Can i Install this patch without promblems that i must do it again.

    thank you.

  3. Dude i copied all the files but they all go into another folder and nothing changes in the game its all the same i tried deleting all the old files i had and tried again it doesnt work.. what am i doing wrong, what should i do.. HELP !!

  4. Also eine ordentliche Anleitung oder ein Tut wäre sehr hilfreich. Nachdem ich alle Dateien mühsam kopiert habe kommt die Meldung dass es für meine Version nicht geeignet sei.

  5. i have a ps3 and my pes 2011 is on 1.2 please tell me how could i have this patch for it. i download and tried to copy on my ps3 but it dosent work, help me please :D