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Anfield will replace KONAMI Stadium in PES2011.

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  1. very good stadium but only one problem well its a big problem the crowd behind both goal nets are faceing the other way so if you can solve that problem would be helpful

  2. The konami stadium is a beautiful stadium, its got great angle and really just looks awesome . Everyone seems to change the konami stadium .. cant you guys replace some other small stadium ?

  3. Incredible noone CARES ABOUT answers on how can we install this thing!!!!AFS doesn’t work!! A TUTORIAL PLEAAAAAAAAAAASE!!!

  4. great job ! is it possible to edit the arena more? the croud on anfield is always dress in red :) and the seats are red to , hope it is possible to this.. / niklas

  5. great work but is it not possible to fix the crowd behind the goals and also when its a replay stock the square blocks from appearing on the screen please make a new update because your the only person who seems to know how to do it

  6. is there a way to not replace konami stadium coz i have stamford bridge instead of konami and also for people that dont know how to install put it in dt07 img folder in kitserver