PES 2010 SMoKE Patch 2.6 [ FULL version]

PES 2010 SMoKE Patch 2.6 Some Features:

– A lot of new clubs and national teams with correct kits.
– Promoted teams added to all championships for the new season 2010-2011
– World cup teams are all updated
– Correct Champions league teams.
– New HD emblems and flags.
– Championship addon included.
– Added Bundesliga (all Eredivisie teams still in the game).
– 236 overall Clubs, 102 overall national teams. (338)
– New faces, balls, boots, stadiums, replay, scoreboard…
– SMoKE special Chants for most teams.
– GDB correct kits for all teams.
– Most teams formation and starting lineups are up to date.
– Most national teams are updated according latest national matches.
– Hundreds of new players.
– Revised player stats (SMoKE special rating system).
– No duplicated players or names including ML hidden players.
– Correct names for everything.
– And much much more…

See more features of this patch here: PES 2010 SMoKE Patch

* English language is required for full compatability and for the use of new stuff like call names. (highly recommened) * Starting a new saves is recommended.

P.S.: Directories are the ones by default installation, if you have changed the defaults use your directories.
P.S.: Do not update the game after installing the patch.

Download PES 2010 SMoKE Patch 2.6:

PES 2010 SMoKE Patch 2.6 [ FULL version] – previous versions are not needed, only this.

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  1. Hey pes-patch…any idea whn the Cry patch will come out ? :) because its 6th of september and i’m waiting with enthuziasm for it’s appearence :D

  2. Whats the menu and all the stadiums like? i hope it doesnt have these horrible looking stadiums ..with horrible turf. I have to say smoke patches are good, i used the earlier patch a lot. Now im using bits of 2 patches .. its Virtua xtreme’s gloss (menu’s, boots, some stadiums) and the game play of SM World Cup patch .

  3. I have already updated the patch until Smoke Patch 2.6 Update version.

    Is the Full version same or differ?

    Just asking.

    Thanks, as always. ;)

  4. OMG all you guy saying its the best patch and everything, what do you base that on?? for me if a patch has to be the best and deserve such ratings, it needs to be good in all areas. The teams names of Arsenal is “north London” and many other team names. Blackpool, Newcastle promoted clubs are missing. It still has the depressing steroephonics music the default music basically. Ive done everything correctly .. i just cant be asked to edit team names.

  5. can somebody tell me which files should i delete from dt06.img folder to fix my scoreboard because it’s white. I delete the read me file and i don’t remember.

  6. the patch is super! no north london its arsenal and all teams are there, i think you miss installed or something, just read the read me file there is have a list of teams the patch contains

  7. rawan seriously?? i ended up deleting all the rar files ..after like nearly 2 days worth of downloading! 8sigh* i have other files thats why like TPS patch, SM patch etc. All consuming a lot of memory . So tell me this smoke patch do the konami stadium have new cool adboards? the one i installed.. it was like half basic..and half okay. I had all the logo’s, emblems, but i was getting “north london” etc. I usually install all these patches with no problem…i dont know what i did wrong. I will have to download it all again ..and give it another try . Have you tried TPS 2.71 patch? thats the one ive got running now… its pretty good, how does Smoke 2.6 patch compare to the TPS 2.71 patch?thats if you have tried them both. Anyone else …if you have tried both these patches please let me which is best for menu’s, emblems, players appearance and game play? thanks.

  8. when you start the game, you get this window pop up ..saying ..something like do you want to install the downloads? i said no.. then the patch starts with “north london2 and one or to clubs, countries messed up. What am i supposed to do say yes to the to install downloads? and im not talking about the system download . Please help.

  9. lol i understand now, i had the same problem and i contacted smoke and he told me to read the trouble shooting file, i did and it solved the problem!

    here is the line:

    – delete this folder: C:/Documents and settings/All Users/Application Data/Konami/Pro Evolution Soccer 2010/download

    then copy the save files another time from the patch to the save folder of the game

    if you have windows 7 or vista look search for the download folder and delete it

  10. i use smoke patch 2.6 pes2010 in my computer no edit just patch, i use chelsea agains my friend use barcelona , and messi so superior , the body challenge always win agains terry or alex , anyone can help me to explain how this can happen ? …… ( i play in liga, cup or championship still the same, messy still always win body challenge )

  11. Please how i am using windows vista, how do i find the PES 2010 download folder so i can delete it.

    // here C:// Program Data / Konami / PES 2010 / download

  12. Thanks i found it, but when i run the game, though it still works i get these two error messages: failed to start because zlib1.dll and libpng13.dll were not found.

  13. I am sort of new to this whole patch thing so please bear with me. On this page i count 6 links (smoke 2.6 patch part 1 – 6). You are expected to download all six before it will work right? do i have to also download lower versions such as 2.5 or is this enough?

    When i downloaded 1 – 5 were 179.8MB but the 6th file was 179.3MB and i get an error message regarding the unzipping of the 6th file.

    The game still works but squads are not updated,names are not changed and the german league is made up of teams without player names.

    What do i do?

  14. Got it to finally work, and i must say it is really cool.great work, just a few things though, ramires in chelsea is supposed to be black in the game he is white plus the classical stars from south america need to be tweaked, for e..g pele is white and i think bald.

  15. hello, the instructions say to take the patch file option.bin but inside there is only the file edition.bin is normal?

  16. Hi can somebody explain to me (step by step) how to install this?

    I don’t know much bout computer/programs…

    I do know how to go to program files.

    Dear greatings,


  17. pls i need new patch for Transitions Winter
    because fernando torres still in livebool and all patchs
    and i need all Transitions Winter this year pls

  18. man i need a installation guide please if someone have installed this patch and having no problem please post a installation guide i’ll be really helpful

  19. i have an error while i’m extracting :unexpected end of archive.and i don’t have manager.exe;plese help