pes 2010 Bootpack HD 2010-2011 by Rodriguinho

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realfootball 2010_2011 hd


  1. i this looks great but is there anyway you could add the T90 laser3 green edition? that is one of the best looking boots :)

  2. andrew

    has no secret, just put in corresponding folders and everything is right.

    However what may be happening is that you are using an old kitserver


    sorry for the delay reply, I use the latest version is that I leave here on the site ….

    so created by the rebound of bootpack was me =]

  4. Umm, I don’t have the latest version of kitserver, but that doesn,t seem to be my problem. I cannot find dt05 in my rar archive, there just isn’t one :S

  5. bbi lancau pantat mak ko r.. konek ko r.. ali bau macam babi rendam kat lumpur 16 tahun x kluo2.. kolom konek ali r..