PES 2010 update 1.6 DLC. Thanks to ololo for the link.

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  1. Do any of you guys play PES 2010 in “player” camera mode?? i was playing it last night and i really loved it, its just its hard to adjust to the camera swinging in and out..but after a few games you do you get slightly used to it. In that angle you get to see the commercial boards, the boots of the players. It feels like a real match. I wish they focus, add more stability, features, to that angle..for future releases. Its just still a bit confusing. though when you score a goal in that angle it feels awesome!

  2. firstly . Is this for pc?
    and this file should be put in the file which name is (img).shouldn’t it?
    plz any body answer me!

  3. @sid – try it n love it, only in single player..hehe~
    @emad – yes it 4 PC.. put the .img files into img folder n overwrite

  4. hago una pregunta para los genios en esto q gracias a ellos podemos disfrutar de parches tan geniales… por favor puede decirme como hacer para instalarlo? voy a( C: / / Documents and Settings / Todos los usuarios / Datos de programa / Konami / Pro Evolution Soccer 2010/download ) ahi pego esto despues entro al juego y pongo descarga ? o pego el archivo q esta adentro en imagenes y listo ? ayuda para este tonto vicioso. gracias