1. pretty cool but i dont like the shooting bar and the cursor ingame if yu can make the old shooting bar it will be perfekt ^^
    sorry for english i´m german

  2. The idea is so great. Interface is good. however, I think there are some recommendation that make this even greater.
    The first thing you should working on is the condition of the player. Since its in 3D and the shape is similar, you should change it to the arrow, just like the normal way of the game.
    Secondly, it is the 3D interface. At first it likes playing PES in Tron Legacy, but after a while, when everything is in 3D, I have to gaze to see what happens.
    But, apart from them, this is what i have been looking forward for a long time. Great job then ;)

  3. can you please add Liga Adeltane to your pretty Graphic Style.
    it is so good work, please keep it up and move ahead.


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