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XBOX360 scoreboards by tonycrew


1st. Install BMs V2 patch.
2nd. Download my cv05.img
3rd. Download my rvc0_e (either CL or Setanta)
4th. Use GGS to import over your existing cv05 and rvc0_e img.

These scoreboards will show on ALL Leagues and Cups apart from Champions League games as these have their own files.

Extras: If you want Sky Sports scoreboard open one of my rv0c_e.img in GGS then import unnamed37.bin and unnamed102.bin.
All other scoreboard will be uploaded as bins from now on for easier downloads.

Another Tip:- For English Users Only if you want 3 different scoreboards then copy your rv0c_e.img file 3 times so you have 3 of them, then import my unnamed_37 and unnamed_102 bins for the different scoreboards, the import the 3 rv0c_e.img files over rv0c_e.img and rv0c_f.img and rv0c_g.img, it will say that the file is smaller blah blah just click yes, then in game change language to french or deutch and you will have english language but a different scoreboard.

Uploaded new rv0c_e to match BMs master league fix.
Uplaoded cv05 to match BMs master league fix..

Champions league Scoreboards are working.
Setanta Sports Scoreboard NOT Working.
Sky Sports Bins are working.
BBC Sports Working

These go into any one of my rvc0_e.img so that you can test them if you want and post results here.


What i have done is change my french and german rvco files to english then i get to load 3 different scoreboards on at once this makes for faster testing and uses less discs, as well as giving me 3 scoreboards.

cv05.img and rv0c_e.img files only work with BM’s V2 Patch.

Individual Bins are for your own use.


Above is the link for the NEW cv05 and rvoc_e images these are based on BM’s V2 patch.
Also there you will find the individual bins for those who want to insert this into their own language/patch. You will need to be able to modify reserved space in both the cv05 and rvc0_e images using GGS.

After hours of hex editing I ended up only having to change 1 line of Hex on each file, Thanks Konami for making it easier than last time.

Now over the next few days i will try to get other Scoreboards converted from the PC versions, It’s all about getting the graphics spot on now, or they won’t load.
I am gonna try to get Sky Sports and Setanta to work next, maybe followed by ITV Sport and BBC Sport, who knows.

Also using my files the cv05 img doesn’t need to be edited, but if anyone wants to have a go at changing the rvc0_e unnamed_37.bin graphic be my guest, lets get the x360 side buzzing like the PC, maybe we will see loads of them poping up now

Known Bugs:- Graphics are just put in from PC scoreboards so there may be the odd glitch.
Also the game timmer stops at 44:59 when stoppage time appears i think i know why this is, there needs to be a 6th png place holder called game2d_00.tex in this 6th place but when i do this it stops all the on screen timers,scoreboards etc from loading. I dunno yet if i can fix this..?

And Finally i take NO CREDIT for this i only compared the PC versions and got it running on the X360, As for the actual Scoreboards i DO NOT create them i get the PC versions and try to make them run on the X360.

Credits to [email protected], timo the owl the pc versions.


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